Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Sham El-Nassim

P.S : This post was written days before Sham El-Nassim , it is pre-scheduled
Happy Sham El-Nassim to all my follow Egyptians. This is the first Sham El-Nassim without Hosni Mubarak , his family and his regime so there is no doubt it is very special Sham El-Nassim thank God.
Now the original and official Sham El-Nassim song

Some may ignore this but after years of denial the family of Soad Hosni has finally accused Safwat El-Sherif of killing the Cinderella after years of denial. The Soad Hosni case is reopened officially and Ahmed Fouad Negm and Talaat Sadat “!!” will testify according to the Honsis’ attorney. Former chief of news sector in the Egyptian TV Abdel Latif El-Manawy denied the allegations that he was the ghost writer of Soad Hosni’s memories which are believed to be the reason behind her murder/enigmatic death. 
BY the way where is Hussein Fahmy ? I have not seen or heard him since the revolution !!? I hope he is fine.
Anyhow back to the cheerful moods of Sham El-Nassim , I would like to present to you : Eskenderella :)

Ok this post will be like the Egyptian TV in Sham El-Nassim , light funny stuff.
First here is Dolce El Masry Ad. Dolce ice cream has decided to jump in to the wagon of the revolution and presented “Dolce El Masry”. All people love that kid that says “I will not say on Okra Yuuuuuuuck” but I love that bully kid who will protect Karim and the sweet pink ballerina who will laugh because she is Egyptian.
Now to some comic viral videos.
From 5 Tahyees : Who are you ?
A scandal at Tahrir square on April 8th,2011.
This gentleman is actually an actor called Medhat Shaker and he is a member in Kafeya according to my knowledge.
Now to the black comedy video of the week , the young lady says sorry to Mubarak and thinks this country is destined to doom without Mubarak not to mention “Those in Tahrir are rubbish and shoes”. The old lady is going to take her children and leave the country now claiming that Mubarak was protecting the Christians in the country !!

Happy Sham El-Nassim and it is time for Ranga Ranga not Zenga Zenga now in Egypt ;)

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  1. I still smell stinky fish and it's not fiseekh


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