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Libyan Revolution : The women of the Revolution

This is so much belated post but it is never too late to catch the updates of the Libyan revolution.
In those past few weeks Libyan women were technically making headlines , Eman El-Obeidi was and is still the far most famous woman in the Libyan revolution. You may have known that Eman was set free and spoke to Anderson Cooper and later to AP.

Setting Eman free and letting the foreign journalists speak to her in Tripoli shows there is a huge change in policies at the Qaddafi camp. The international pressure for sure played a huge role here with out doubt.
Now all you must know that there are reportedly hundreds of Emans in the country. Egyptians coming back from Libya are telling horror stories about mercenaries raping Libyan women across Libya especially in the West unlike what Hala Misratai ,the star of Qaddafi’s Libyan TV claimed in her infamous segment about Eman. Ironically Misarati has become an international star herself. I do not know how she feels , already thank God her terrible rants are not fully translated to the outside world because without doubt what I saw from watching her awful show couple of times was disgraceful.
Hala Misarati is not the only target of international media but also Qaddafi’s western nurses began to speak and tell the world their experience his nurses . We have been introduced to Galina Kolotnitskaya , now we are being introduced to 24 years old Oksana Balinskaya who debunked the medical harem myth. I do not know why I have the feeling that sooner one of these of ladies will write a book about her experience as the nurse of that eccentric man. From Balinskaya’s testimony I believe that Dr. Ahmed Okasha was right when Qaddafi is suffering from paranoia. Already allegedly Qaddafi used to be treated psychologically in 1960s in Egypt and this is why Sadat used to call him “The mad boy of Libya”.
How can I ignore the word of her majesty Queen Aisha Qaddafi !!? How can anyone ignore such nice lady from noble family.Queen Aisha addressed Qaddafi’s mob on the 25th anniversary of the American bombing in 1986 and honestly her speech proved how that she is not less lunatic than her brothers. Aisha Qaddafi just like her brothers is making sure that the world knows that her father will not step down , who does not want Qaddafi should die !! Of course the defiant daughter could not forget Qatar and UAE calling the later to liberate its islands from Iran before attacking Libya. Here is translated part from her rant. “Daily Telegraph” That was small part from her speech where as here is a bigger part without translation.

This family proved to the whole world how fine the Saddams were !! She is so Qaddafi in a way you can’t imagine it !! The same moves and I will dare to say she resembles her dad when he was young !!
Aisha Qaddafi is really her father’s secret weapon but I do not know what this weapon is used for !! Does he want to win sympathy , this is the second time she appears like that after denying her escape to Malta if you remember.
Last Thursday Qaddafi appeared in some clips aired by the Libyan TV in some car convey in Tripoli. The Qaddafi TV claimed that it was shot during the NATO’s air raids on the city. Some people began to think that this was not Qaddafi but rather his double.

Speaking about this family , well I have this Facebook profile for Seif El-Islam Qaddafi , it is not his of course but it is interesting without doubt.
The Daily Telegraph claims that female Columbian snipers from FARC fighting for Qaddafi against the revolutionaries . This is the problem of Qaddafi , he can afford buying mercenaries and arms from all over the world and nobody can stop him thanks to that time given to him before issuing the No Fly zone decision !! These mercenaries are reportedly cross the borders to Tunisia and kidnap Libyans who escaped to the neighbor country according to what we have heard lately. I do not know where the Tunisian army from this. Speaking about political militias , Hezbollah has denied the reports claiming that the famous Lebanese party has sent some of fighters to help the revolutionaries against Qaddafi. I do not think Hezbollah is involved in the ground despite all the Shiite parties in Lebanon are against Qaddafi. 
Now Egyptians coming back from Libya say that there are some Egyptians who have joined their Libyan revolutionaries in their war against Qaddafi , in fact some are claiming that ex-army officers are helping unofficially the revolutionaries. Of course this can’t be confirmed or denied in the current time but I will not be surprised or shocked to know this , in fact I will not refuse on the contrary.
The Egyptians in Libya especially are living hell alive just like the rest of the Libyans in the sad city. In the past 48 hours hundreds of Egyptians began to come back from there with a lot of horror stories. Some of them claim that hundreds of Egyptians have been killed in Misrata , if this true then I hope that our army council acts as it should.
Last Friday Egyptian activists had a small stand in front of the League of Arab state demanding the release of Abdel Khalek Said  who has not been released so far !! I do not know why the ministry of foreign affairs does not help him but it seems after all our relations are so bad with the Qaddafi unofficially to the level that we can’t get our citizens from Misrata. Againg here is the Facebook page of Free Abdel Khalek’s campaign.
ِAbdel Khalek´s family and friends
(Nora Shalaby)

Mohamed Radwan and Tarek Shalaby
(Nora Shalaby)

Egyptians are still helping the Libyans as much as they can.
The war , the real war between the Qaddafi troops and the Libyan revolutionaries is taking too long and it is not only affecting Libya but it is affecting the progress of revolutions in the Arab world. Of course nobody to blame here except the international community and also the Arab community for giving time for Qaddafi to arm himself in the first place , this time gap given to him before the military operations was totally enough to restore power. I will not speak about the Arab community now but I will say one thing : The void of Saudi Arabia is wisely being occupied by Qatar day after day wisely.
We are not calling for invasion but I believe the revolutionaries can get a lot of help against Qaddafi and his troops. I do not understand why there is a lot of debate about arming the revolutionaries. Some are saying that the States does not want to arm the revolutionaries because they refuse having an American military base in Libya after liberation. Ok we do not need to arm them from the States , I think the UAE and Qatar can arm them without the permission of anybody. We are Arab countries for God sake !!
The NY Times has published a special photo gallery from Libya which only represents 1/4 of the horrors there. Here is also interesting Info graphic from Good “Thanks to LA Gurl” showing countries most reliant on the Libyan oil , without any guessing it is Italy.
More to come insh Allah


  1. Again, thank you for your careful reporting and analysis!

  2. 'Of course nobody to blame here except the international community and also the Arab community for giving time for Qaddafi to arm himself'
    This is an Arab problem and should be resolved by the Arabs themselves.
    To-date only Qatar and UAE have openly contributed to the anti-Qaddafi forces while the rest of the 'hypocritical' Arab counties have done nothing because they are ruled by despots like Qaddafi.
    Arab dictators have given the generous Arab people a bad global reputation and it is time to stand up and change the stone age method of ruling people.


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