Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Why did it take all those years General Soliman !!?

Suddenly with no introductions we found this very important news yesterday : Fatah and Hamas have reconciled through Egyptian mediation.

The Palestinian file is still at the Egyptian intelligence so far as our Spy chief Mourad Muwafi mediated the talks in silence successfully. We all hope that Nabil El-Araby takes it from here with my all respect to Muwaif and the GIS.  We all underestimated Muwafi , he manage in doing what Omar Soliman failed to do in years in just 3 months or even less !!! One must wonder why did Omar Soliman take all those years and failed while Muwafi managed in less than three months !!? The reputation of Soliman as powerful negotiator is a myth as far as I see !!

It seems that we have heard that Soliman and Mubarak did not want Hamas and Fatah to reconcile in order to have an Upper hand is true after all !!

This is the biggest victory in our regional policies after the revolution , seriously speaking I am so happy and proud. I hope now that Fatah or rather Abu Mazan does not try to spoil it as usual. Abu Mazan has already been so sad for what happened to Mubarak in a disgusting way as he related to him.

Israel is so angry for this important reconciliation and foolishly making it clear through its PM stinky Bibi : It is either us or Hamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ironically it is better for Israel that Fatah and Hamas reconcile and bringing Hamas to the political arena. Of course knowing how an invader thinks , the divide conquer policy is always better than facing a united front , this is how the invader thinks not how the peacemaker thinks !!

Spy chief Muwafi has got a lot of files to handle and damages by Soliman to fix , after all Soliman served as our Spy chief for more than any other Spy chief including the founding father of GIS Zakira Mohi El-Din himself. The GIS has got now a terrible legacy from Soliman it has to deal with wisely and that’s the rendition and torture files. An ex-Gitom Australian citizen is already suing Omar Soliman and Gamal Mubarak ‘!?’ for his alleged torture in Egypt during the rendition program bloody days. I think this is just the tip of the ice berg for Soliman can face , the army may sacrifice him at any given time especially if he and his family especially his sons in law are involved in any financial scandals.

Back to Muwafi , from the American media I think the Americans are cautious when it comes to the new spy chief, there is nothing much we know about him from there , they have missed a great friend and ally called Omar Soliman with no doubt.

The Americans were so alarmed when he visited Damascus last month followed to Qatar and they reportedly contacted him when Ayman El-Zawahary’s brother was released to express their concern and fear. Of course Mohamed El-Zawarhary was re-arrested but he was not executed according to the SCAF statement.

The Spy chief should be the mysterious man in the state , Omar Soliman broke the rule to become the second most controversial spy chief after the notorious Saleh Nasser !!

I wish Muwafi all the luck in the world if he sincerely wants to make the GIS returns back to its original mission which is “protecting this nation and its people not the president and his entourage”. I do not want the intelligence to be working for the president but rather for the people of Egypt who will bring the president to his office. I want and wish that Muwafi will be the first Egyptian Spy chief to stand in front of the national security in the coming elected parliament and speak about the intelligence like in any other democratic country.

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  1. Thank you for your analysis but it could be a bit more complex than you've explained. The credits are being sent to the egyptian intelligence but one should not forget foreign influence on Hamas while making the "whole picture".


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