Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another sad day in the unhappy Yemen “Graphic”

Today is just another sad day in the unhappy Yemen , peaceful protesters are shot down by the Pro-Saleh security forces in Taiz and Sana’a
There was a horrible massacre committed in Taiz this morning from couple hours ago. Many peaceful protesters were killed and injured. The pro-Saleh security forces opened their fires against the peaceful protesters who were carrying flowers. There were snipers as usual over the rooftops based on the injuries and fatal shots in the heads you can see in the photos and the videos.
This is the second massacre committed in Taiz in just 48 hours , the same thing happened on May 9th as well.
Live ammunition used in Taiz "AP"
An injured in Taiz this morning after the break
you will see his injury "Facebook"
Beware Extreme graphic videos and photos below

A close up to his injury is in his neck "Facebook"
An injured in Taiz this morning
From Taiz : The first martyr to be killed by a head shot
The crimes of Ali Saleh in Taiz
The crimes of Ali Saleh in Taiz-2

The injured and martyrs of Taiz on May 11th
Till now the Pro-Ali Abdullah Saleh security forces clashed with thousands of the protesters in Sana'a using heavy weapons.
There are currently hundreds of injured according to news coming from the city. News agencies are saying that there were several Yemeni protesters killed in front of the cabinet HQ “Two were actually confirmed to be killed there” The security forces are reportedly preventing the ambulances from reaching to the injured. There are women and children among the injured. The thugs are kidnapping the activists as well there. Despite all this the protests are still going and according to Yemeni revolutionary FB pages updates there are protests currently heading towards the TV building and presidential palace. They have started to step up tents at the cabinet HQ.
Update : A group of soldiers has joined the protesters at the cabinet HQ.

Security forces standing in front of protesters in Sana’a

According to unconfirmed news the protesters managed to get in to the cabinet HQ and got some important documents , it is still unconfirmed and I am not sure it is true because there are news that the security forces are cracking violently the protests in Sana'a. There is a reported use of gases "most probably tear gas grenades" in Sana'a from short while ago. 
Things are evolving rapidly and violently , I will deny my wish that next Friday Ali Abdullah Saleh will not be in his place anymore.
The internet is reportedly cut in certain areas in Sana’a including the Cabinet HQ’s area. Blood donors are urged to donate their blood to Sana'a hospitals.
On the other hand there is a news that the revolutionaries in Ibb have gained control on the governorate building and the radio building there as well. The revolutionaries of Ibb are calling the revolutionaries across the country to do the same like them.
I do not understand how many Yemenis will have to be killed so Ali Abdullah Saleh will continue in his chair.
At first I thought that he feared to face the same fate of Mubarak , to be prosecuted for his crimes along with his family but when I believe that this man is imitating Bashar El Assad , he thinks that if he imitates this dictator in Syria , he will continue to be the president. I know that the GCC has been trying to solve peacefully the situation in Yemen , yet I think those people killed at Saudi Arabia’s backyard are much important than accepting new members in the council.
It is a miracle that so far the revolution in Yemen is peaceful unarmed but the question is for how far it will go peaceful in this way when young people are getting killed like that !?
Updates : 

  • Violent clashes as well in Al Hudaydah , the security forces opened their fires on the protesters killing two while not least than 30 were injured . The security forces used the governorate HQ building rooftops for their snipers. The protesters are trying currently to breaking in to the building in revenge. 
The first martyr in Al Hudaydah May Allah bless his soul
  • Protests in Aden and Al Mukalla in solidarity with Sana'a , Taiz and Al Hudayah. 
  • According to preliminary reports at least 7 were killed and hundreds were injured in Sana'a. 
  • Here is a video from Sana'a showing snipers over the rooftops targeting protesters. 

  • The security forces are reportedly encircling currently blood banks and hospitals to stop blood donors from going there !! 
  • Here is the latest video from Sana'a showing the protesters being sprayed by something "I think it is water" 

  • @9:44 PM The death toll in Sana'a has increased in to 10

  • Another video showing Sana'a under file. 


  1. Epic report Z. But I can't watch those videos.

  2. Zeinobia, your articles have been real downers lately. Here's something different and cheerful! Tourist dances "like an Egyptian" to E-PAK-SA in front of the pyramids.

  3. Saleh is having 2nd thoughts. Saudis are hoping the momentum is over for change.They are out of touch. They are wrong.
    The problems are too serious. Protests won't go away. Assad is also wrong. This is not the time of his father.In those days,it was Islamists. Now it is everyone.


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