Sunday, May 29, 2011

The good news of the Day : Egypt lifts the gaza Blockade

And the promise has been fulfilled, Egypt officially opened the borders with Gaza this morning to lift the inhuman blockade that continued for years. 300 Gazans reportedly have crossed the borders in early hours and dear Palestinians made a rally to thank Egypt and the Egyptian government for this decision.

Of course there are restrictions for this decision , some do not like the restrictions and I respect their view but honestly if we are speaking about international borders you need some restrictions. I know that as an Egyptian I need special clearance if I want to go to Gaza just like the Visa for any other country. There are still doubts and fears for sure that the crossing will be closed again , these doubts and fears are natural and even me as an Egyptian have them because after all those years under Mubarak rule , under the siege it will be impossible to have open crossing permanently.
Huffington Post Front Page 
The Israelis do not like that ,well we do not like the suffering of Palestinians either and we will not participate in that crime anymore , not after the fall of Mubarak’s regime. There was no official reaction but the official reaction of Zionists through out the world can give you a hint. Christian Zionist Hanoch believes that Israel should invade Sinai back while the real Americans who love Israel do not like promoting democracy in Egypt !!
Euronews : Rafah Reopening
I love that , I love that so much and I really wish that the SCAF and the government consider Dr. ElBaradei’s idea and have this open zone between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah , it will boost the economy of North Sinai in a way you can’t imagine especially in these hard economic times.
Now there are other good news of the day for sure Thank God :
  • Hosni Mubarak , Habib El Adly and Ahmed Nazi were fined LE 540m “ $ 34m” for cutting off communications whether mobile networks or internet across the country during the early days of the revolution. This is the first clear sentence against , this is the first official condemnation to him , of course his lawyer El Deeb will appeal but I am kind happy to hear that court rule today. Mubarak has to pay alone LE 300m. Many are asking now in Egypt who will pay this money or from where he will pay , well he got money abroad.
  • There is news that Youssef El-Sherif, the chairman of ERTVU will leave his position next June 1st.
  • It seems that Mubarak will stand in front of court in Cairo and it seems that insh Allah he will be transferred to Tora prison this week.


  1. David George, U.S.A.5/29/2011 06:38:00 AM

    This is just propaganda to appease western "progressives". The headline should be, "Rafah opens with blockade-style restrictions still in place".

  2. Standard Egyptian M.O they support liquidation of non muslim populations and replace them with muslims this is what they did in Dafuris killing them and allowing Egyptians settlements on stolen lands now ditto xtians and Israelis, hypocrites

  3. We sincerey hope the other Egyptian blockade, on illegally military occupied Halayeb will also be lifted so its people can go about with their livelihoods as they did with their kinsfolk in Sudan since time immemorial.


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