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#May 27 in Videos and photos : All over the country

Ok today is May 28th and we began to see videos and photos from around the country not only Cairo from #May 27, I do not care how big the protests were outside Cairo and Alexandria but I care about the fact that people went , normal people away from any political affiliation went to the protests despite the media intimidation and the hot weather.
You must know that the biggest recorded protest for sure was in Alexandria where not less 1/2 million protesters went to the streets while in Cairo the biggest estimation of Tahrir protesters were between the highest estimation 500,000 and the lowest estimation in the rush hour 200,000.
An panoramic view for Tahrir square 
I will start with protests from Upper Egypt because they were the big surprise to me. Despite the number of protesters is small but the fact that people went to the street in this extreme hot weather is impressive.
Sohag : #May27 Rally
Sohag : #May 27 Protest from Al Ahram portal
Qena : #May27 Protest from Al Ahram portal
Even in Al Wadi El Gadid , the new valley the mothers of martyrs expressed their anger and frustration.
Al Wadi El Gadid : #May 27 Protest from Al Ahram portal
We leave Upper Egypt to Delta
El Mansoura : #May27 Protest and Dr. Mohamed Ghonim with Dr. George Isaac
El Mansoura : #May27 Protest
Tanta : #May 27 Protest
Then to Sinai , to Sharm El Sheikh in particular Sharm El Sheikh hospital. I do not want how Mubarak felt when he heard those protesters attacking him like that.
Sharm El-Sheikh : #May27 Protest
Sharm El Sheikh : #May 27 Protest
Now moving to Canal cities.
Suez : #May27 Protest
Ismailia : #May27 Protest -1
Ismailia : #May27 Protest-2
And to the mermaid of the Mediterranean , the daughter of Alexander the great.
Alexandria : #May27 Protest at Port Said street
Alexandria : #May27 Protest at Port Said Street
Alexandria : #May27 protest at El-Ka’ad Ibrahim mosque
And now back to Tahrir square. Here is my updated photo gallery from Tahrir on May 27th.

I will be uploading the video clips through out the day.
Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz speaking on 6th April Youth and liberal parties stage. He suggested that we should form an independent judicial committee to help the public prosecutor

Sheikh Emam and Ahmed Fouad Negm were there as expected.
#May 27 Sheikh Emam and Ahmed Fouad Negm were there

People chanting Fil Midan or at the square , you can see Palestinian flag in the video

Bothania Kamel at the Liberal parties and groups stage chanting revolution revolution till we clean Egypt.
Dear Yossef Salah has got a very wonderful photo gallery from Tahrir on May 27th as well.
Ok what is the important lesson here we should learn ? Why did I show these videos from all over Egypt before Tahrir square !? Because the revolution was not only in Tahrir square or Cairo as some want it to appear so to minimize the revolution  , this is an Egyptian revolution in every square from Aswan to Alexandria , from Rafah to Salloum and from Wadi El Gadid to Sharm.  Another important : This is an Egyptian revolution , true Egyptian revolution.
I hate when someone from the previous regime goes and says in the media “The Tahrir square will not its terms” because I know it is not only Tahrir , it is every square and street in Egypt that are putting their terms.If you watch carefully these videos , you will know that the common demand between all those Egyptians all over the country Is : Justice and Security. They want justice from those treated them less than animals. They want security , they want the police force to do its only job as it should.
God bless this Egypt and Egyptians.


  1. Thanks so much Zenobia for this lovely post and the compilation of all these videos in one place.

    We must never forget that ALL Egypt played their part not just the ones in Tahrir.
    The martyrs came from all over Egypt.
    Their deaths will not be in vain.
    Those left behind will make sure they did not die in vain and will go down in history as the fallen of the 2011 Lotus Revolution which ousted a President by peaceful protests in 18 days.

  2. Impressive…thanks for the good work

  3. The Secret Wars of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

    By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

    URL of this article:

    Global Research, May 28, 2011

    As an old Chinese proverb says, crisis can be used as an opportunity by some.

    Tel Aviv, Washington and NATO are taking advantage of the upheavals in the Arab World. Not only are they fighting against the legitimate aspirations of the Arab people, they are manipulating the Arab geo-political landscape as part of their strategy to control Eurasia.

    Sectarian Conflicts in Egypt: A Means to Weaken the Egyptian State

    Egypt is ruled by a counter-revolutionary military junta. Despite the increasing assertiveness of the Egyptian people, the old regime is still in place. Yet, its foundations are becoming shakier as the Egyptian people become more radical in their demands.

    Like in the Mubarak era, the military regime in Cairo is also allowing sectarianism to spread in Egypt in an effort to create divisions within Egyptian society. In early-2011 when Egyptians stormed government buildings they discovered secret papers that showed that the regime was behind the attacks on Egypt’s Christian community.

    Recently, so-called Salafist extremists have attacked Egyptian minorities including Christians but also Shiite Muslims. Egyptian activists and leaders in the Coptic and Shia community are pointing their fingers at the military junta in Cairo, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

    The Egyptian military junta, Tel Aviv, and the Al-Sauds are all part of an ominous alliance. This grouping is the backbone of the U.S. imperial structure in the Arab World. They are dependent on Washington. They prevail inasmuch as the U.S. remains dominant in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

    The Al-Sauds are now working with Washington in Egypt to establish a supposedly Islamic government. This is being done through political parties that the Al-Sauds have funded and helped organize. The new so-called Salafist movements are primary examples of this. It also appears that the Muslim Brotherhood or at least branches of it have been co-opted.

    Read the full article at Global Research

  4. The revolution should write a new constitution before they allow another Pharoah on the throme. The power of the presidennt should be very limited if you hope to have any real democracy.

  5. Here are some more!


  7. Reuters: Christians worry Egypt being hijacked by Islamists

    "no one has been tried yet for the burning of a church in Helwan or for violence in the Cairo suburb of Imbaba... Muslims blocked access to the church and pelted them with cinder blocks... a Muslim gets priority over a Christian when it comes to government jobs... Christians say discrimination against them starts in school... Coptic history has been removed from textbooks..."


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