Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nakba Protest Follow up : Detainees to Get 15 days !!

So Suzanne Mubarak is released after paying a bail  and giving up LE 24 million to the state but the protesters and also citizens wrongfully detained at that Israeli embassy get 15 days pending investigation !!
According to news I found on the Facebook yesterday some detainees were supposed to be released today while others like Tarek Shalaby will be released after couple of days. Yet according to this new news we got they will be in jail for 15 days pending investigation which means some of them can face charges !!
Tomorrow there will be a protest in Tahrir square in solidarity with Tarek Shalaby , I think at 4 PM.
Atef Yahia who was injured in his head is currently in the operation room in Kasr Al Aini hospital. He needs your prayers. Here is a clip from that bloody night showing him with his head injury.

There is news that a 15 years old teenager was killed in the clashes , we can’t get confirmation thought because the only witness we have got refuses to speak.
The revolution youth coalition has posted a form for the detainees list , we need complete list of names in order to help the detainees. Please spread it.
Now you must know that in the events of the Israeli embassy and also in Maspiro many people who just for their bad luck were in the wrong place in the wrong time were detained like Ibrahim and Karim Yassin.
On the other hand the SCAF issued its 53 statement where it stated that it opened an investigation regarding the murder of Ramy Fakhry, I hope we see the results of this investigation soon unlike the investigation of virginity tests which we have not seen its results yet.
Latest Updates : 

  • The military prosecutor decided to release the minor detainees because they are minors who should not be prosecuted in front of the military prosecution and also because they have exams. 
  • Tarek Shalaby's hearing in front of the military prosecution will be tomorrow insh Allah. 
  • Amr Bahairy's prison sentence was ratified by the military court , there is hidden bless there because no we can appeal in front of the military courts. Already according to article no.21 of the constitutional declaration civilians should be prosecuted in front of civilian courts while military are prosecuted in front of military courts. 
  • The video shows an injured from the Israeli embassy events , it is graphic


  1. Is this the link you meant for detainees ? http://tahrirdiaries.wordpress.com/detainees/

  2. Seems uncharacteristically lenient. I guess I understand why the "revolution youth" might be angry, however when a country's institutions are met with a law and order problem they get grotesquely oppressive.
    Right now the "youth" are acting like children craving attention, protesting in front of an embassy during these times is wrong, trying to solve other countries decades old problems when your own country is neck-deep in shit is wrong. Just calm the frick down and try to think about the greater good of the country.

  3. no one was trying to solve any other country's problems, how does protesting an attempt to solve the Palestinian conflict? it was just to make a stand on Nakba, marking the day like others all over the world from Tornoto to Hamburg protested infront Israeli embassies and consulates a protest against the ongoing occupation and to stand with the Palestinian people. why is that wrong?? or is it wrong to protest altogether? remember what this revolution is all about.

  4. And what does breaking into the embassy and DEMANDING the removal of the ambassador achieve? How does this help their cause?
    You guys thought after Hamas and Fatah "reconciled" that Egypt and it's glorious revolution were responsible, like it had NOTHING do with the Hamas seeing those footing their bill (Syria) going down. You thought "hey if we can get them to kiss and make up, we can liberate Jerusalem, TO THE EMBASSY WILL SHALL GO!!"
    Protests have rules and guild lines and in any other country require permits. Protests shouldn't attack public/private property, they shouldn't block roads and inconvenient others.
    Unless I was on glue during those 18 days, I thought the revolution had goals, it had had a purpose.

  5. Yeah, totally against you on this question. Army had to take a stand and need to continue to do so till security returns. If that means being heavy handed at time so be it. Once the elections come then changes can start to occur. Rule of law is the most important thing right now- and currently it's dangerously lacking

  6. You need to be aware of how selective the army is at enforcing law and order. They have their own vision of order/disorder that they want to create. Read Yasmine El Rashidi on the happenings in Imbaba and outside the TV station building . She gives a very clear picture of the game they are playing. /http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2011/may/17/egypt-why-are-churches-burning/

  7. No one tried to break into the embassy, were you even there? or you blindly believe everything the state media and SCAF claims? the embassy is closed and the ambassador isn't even there.. no one is there. All accounts from protesters and people living in the area said no one tried to break into it and no public property was destroyed, not a single car was damaged. The markazi cracked down and shot LIVE AMMO at the protesters when they weren't even close to the embassy and in fact on another street about 1 km away. please stop reading and beleving rubbish news. Everyone seems to believe that bullshit story that the guys were trying to storm the embassy, they were trying to make a stand for Nakba day, naturally the protest should be in front of the embassy not the Giza zoo. Peaceful prtesters were shot and detained , of course if they were gathering to burn a church or throw molotov at maspero no one would have cared..

    here's what really happened

  8. the raid of the Israeli Embassy was absolutely unacceptable. They enjoy diplomatic immunity and have the right to be treated as guests of Egypt. those protesters tarnished Egypt's image and they have to be punished.

  9. what fucking raid?? are you people completely deaf?
    it was a peaceful protest in front of the embassy, it turned ugly when the CSF(not the army) started firing teargas and live bullets, had the trigger-happy CSF not intervened, that protest would have lasted another hour or so and everybody would have gone home. But when people get fired at especially after the revolution, they get really pissed off.

  10. Zenobia, and you generally work? Or are you feeding mom, dad while you are doing "revolutionary deeds"? Or are you one of those who did not find jobs? Works abound, you need only desire, but the majority of Egyptians do not have such a desire, it is better to Tahrir knock.

  11. You with their protests Egypt plunged into chaos! Peaceful protests? Do not tell!


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