Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nakba Revolution : The people want to return back to Palestine and Golan

I do not remember that the anniversary of Nakba was as hot and as intense as today seriously. The people want the right of the return , the people want to return back to Palestine.
The big surprise of the day comes from Golan heights , yes the Golan heights specifically Majdal Shams where a group of Palestinian refugees and Syrian as well “reportedly not less than 400” broke in to the borders and entered the village. Not less than 9 were reportedly shot down by the IDF while not less than 20 were injured. The Israeli TV claims that the 4 that were shot down were one Syrian and 3 Israeli while the Syrian TV claims that there are 4 Syrians. Already it has just came that Israel has returned back the bodies of 2 Syrian citizens so strangely the Syrian TV is for the first time true !! Also some sources speak about the murder of some Israeli soldier there.

Here are videos from Magdel Shams showing Palestinians and Syrians heading crossing the borders.

I found wonderful photos from today's clashes in Magdel Shams , beautiful photos from local Golanian website Baldee. 
Things are also intense and evolving dramatically in South of Lebanon at Maroun El Ras where thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to the borders town trying to get in to the other side. Hundreds were injured and not less than 5 were killed including an old lady who was shot in her head.
Here is a collection of photos from Maroun El Ras.

Here is a video from Maroun El Ras
Here is the interactive map of Palestine and how it is gone. 
Ironically Israel only feared from the Egyptian borders and did not imagine what was going to happen in other borders. The Israeli spokesperson accused Iran and the Syrian regime of sending those protesters to the Lebanese and Syrian borders with Israel. I do not know about the Lebanese borders but if we are going to speak about the Syrian borders well fore sure what happened today was by the approval of the regime and its support. It is enough to see the photos of Bashar El Assad in the hands of these protesters to know it is approved by the Syrian regime at the current time. El Assad is messing with Israel and the States at the same he is trying to win back the position of the resistant in the region , of course it is too late. By the way I am not that angry from what happened in Golan because it revives the hope in general and reminds the people with these lost heights. You must know that Syrians now are wondering why the Syrian army did not protect these protesters in Golan heights instead of killing the Syrian protesters back home.
There is a big protest in Kalandia right cracked violently by the IDF using its old techniques. What is the new is the spirit of the Palestinian youth , the hope is revived. Not less than 150 Palestinians were injured at Kalandia today. 
I have not heard any reaction from the Palestinian authority or Hamas amazingly , seriously I have not heard anything from them. I have not heard anything from Damascus as well , of course El Assad the Syrian army is busy killing its own people instead of protecting the citizens in Golan or even thinking of restoring it back !!  
The Egyptian borders are actually the most calm borders thanks to the security measures. The Egyptian army stopped the advance of the march still some activists managed to get in to Al Arish through other way like from South. Nevertheless Cairo and Alexandria are having their own Nakba protests in front of the Israeli embassy and consulate since early morning.Updates : It is 10:15 PM and there are hundreds if not thousands at the Israeli embassy in Giza chanting anti Zionist anti Israeli chants. The army is there and also Norman Finkelstein was there , oh yes Dr. Norman Finkelstein joined the Nakba day protest. Already tomorrow at 6 PM he will speak at the AUC  in the new campus. The lecture is organized by the Al Quds club and honestly despite I will not be able to attend , I wish that they film the lecture and upload it to the Youtube so we would all watch it. There is unconfirmed news that the protesters tried to break in to the Israeli embassy but the CSF fired back tear gas grenades.  
Norman Finkelstein in Giza "By Mosa'ab El-Shamy"
It is the first time that the Egyptian president does not send a greeting to Israel in the anniversary of the so-called independence , may be Mubarak sent from Sharm this year but not as a president but as a former president. The Israeli embassy held a celebration for that so-called independence in Cairo at the Israeli ambassador’s residence as usual , not so many Egyptians attended as usual. I do not have to guess that among the Egyptians who attended such celebration Ali Salem and Anis Mansour.
Al Ahram portal for the first time celebrated the anniversary of Nakba amazingly "Thanks to Hassan Yahya"
AL Ahram head banner 
More updates to come
  • Things are turned chaotic at the Israeli embassy , the protesters wanted to get the flag down and according to some recounts they tried to break in to the embassy to get the flag down but the CSF forces stopped them by firing tons and tons of tear gas grenades and rubber bullets "some say live ammunition were used" 
  • According to Masrawy 16 protesters were injured including a young man in his head. 
A head shot by Gigi Ibrahim
  • According to eye witnesses the Four Season hotel refused to help the protesters who were injured. 
  • This is completely wrong and stupid , the security forces and the protesters are wrong with my all due respect to the later. 
  • The CSF are back in action as it seems with live bullets too
Blood in the street by Gigi Ibrahim


  1. The Syrian government strongly condemns the killing of protestors hahah!
    On the bright side Egypt is extending citizenship to Palestinians with Egyptian mothers, responsibility for Gaza will soon be Cairo's

  2. War, destruction, death, is this what you yearn for? I cannt believe that.

    In 1948 there was an exchange of population, due to war, between the Arab countries and Israel. Arab jews migrated to Israel, while part of the Palestinian people moved to the neigbouring Arab states. Such exchange of population happened in many countries around the end of WWII and later due to wars and clashes, like between India and Pakistan, Germany and Czechoslovakia, Greek and Turkish Cyprus and more.

    Only very few of the Palestinians are the original refugees now, as 63 years has passed. They should have built better life in their new homes, like the jews did in Israel. The Arab jews who migrated to Israel does not dream of returning to their old homes in the Arab countries, cause they built better life in Israel. The Palestinians should have done the same.

    People should look forward and seek for better life for all, people should not seek for hate and destruction.

  3. Oh yeah? and how old are you?


  5. we must have a strong country to defeat israel

  6. I disagree Amr, we don't need anything to defeat Israel as it will self-combust in a few years.

  7. Fucking idiots!!! they think they can save the entire world. Breaking into the Israeli embassy is the stupidest thing these revolutionaries have done.

  8. "we don't need anything to defeat Israel as it will self conbust in a few years" Haven't we heard that before?? If you destroy Israel who will you blame for your ignorance, poverty and backwardness??

  9. wow that's one pissed-off Zionist troll. The idea of self combust means we won't destroy it and just sit back and watch... comprehend English troll? and we don't blame Israel for anything hence the revolution moron was against Mubarak and his regime. Israel is an irrelevant spit in history which we don't blame for our hardship except of course for murdering and displacing people. Go get a life troll, preferably in some East Europe ghetto where you mama came from.

  10. You do not have problems in their country? What do the Egyptians after the revolution? Build a new happy life? crumbled manna from heaven? "Meat free? Jobs come from? No! guzzle will soon be nothing, everyone just go on strike and demand the money! " And who is going to work ? economy is in ruins, destroyed by tourism No! We need to Palestine to help open the borders! start a war with Israel! "And the impact you think? Who needs it? revolutionary? And who are they, the crowd in Tahrir?


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