Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need confirmation : Hussein salem arrested in Israel !? "Updated"

Ya people I need a confirmation quickly , Youm 7 “Which I do not trust or read” claims that the National Egyptian “which I do not follow” has announced that the Interpol arrested Hussein Salem in Tel Aviv , Israel.  Allegedly he is using an Israeli passport and is currently staying in Israel. The ministry of interior allegedly has reported these details to the Interpol from couple of days in order he would be arrested yet there is nothing about his arrest yet. “Based on a tweet by an alleged police officer tweep”
Here is Hussein Salem’s page in the Interpol. Here is my post about him , my early post as I want to write about him but I need time.
Up till now there is nothing on the Egyptian TV or any other channel and I can’t find anything from Israel regarding this matter. People are suspecting that Israel would give him to Egypt this way despite actually if it is true , it is the Interpol. Nevertheless if this news is true then it seems that Israel is trying to win back Cairo by sacrificing one of its most loyal friends in time of Mubarak.
Update :
  • BBC Arabic has aired the news based on the Egyptian TV !! There is nothing yet on Egyptian TV or any Egyptian channel yet !!  The MOI from its side denied the news.Youm 7 does it again.
  • Al Jazeera claims that Hussein Salem was actually arrested in Tel Aviv but he will not be extradited to Cairo because there is no extradition deal between Egypt and Israel. “Egypt’s criminals head to Israel instead of London , you bastards !!”
  • Hussein Salem was not arrested according to official sources in Egypt. 
  • The source of this rumor was reportedly Amr Adeeb whom I actually do not follow nor do I trust !! 
  • According to Israeli press Hussein Salem is currently in London. 
Anyhow Zakaria Azami , the other Mubarak’s man is sent again to jail , already yesterday he was released after paying a bail of LE 200,000 by a court order. It seems that he was in hism way out of jail when the IGA found late at night new evidence incriminating him in another financial scandal. The news of his release was like another shock after the release of Suzanne Mubarak. People were furious and we were not planning to go back to Tahrir on Friday 27th but on Friday 20th.
From its side SCAF denied any involvement in the legal probes of former regime icons and that there was no intention to pardon Mubarak and his family. “There was a rumor that the council would pardon the Mubaraks and another rumor that KSA would pay millions for that pardon !!” 
That 54th Statement was issued on Facebook late night while millions of Egyptians were watching Yosri Fouda and his guests discussing whether we should as people of Egypt should pardon Mubarak or not. Needless to say that episode of Last Talk show on ON TV opened a lot of wounds , a lot of wounds and reminds many Egyptians why we should not pardon him for justice.
To Pardon or not pardon the Mubaraks.
Al Shorouk daily which unfortunately published leaks about Mubarak’s speech and that the SCAF would pardon him because he was an army man, is under fire. Al Shorouk’s editor in chief and his reporters are being summoned this morning to the military prosecution to justify their actions. Al Shorouk is more credible that Al Masry Al Youm and it was pro-revolution since the beginning. It is bad set back. The newspaper decided from its side to stop any coverage regarding this case and apologized in a professional action I completely.
The IGA has a press conference last Wednesday to defend himself , the ma was furious , really furious to the level that he should hire a spokesperson. He reminded us that the IGA operates according to law and not to anybody especially the street and that we should know his history as an official before we speak !!
People are extremely furious and they will return to Tahrir. We are having a revolution and these people , these corrupted criminals from former regime are lucky that they are being treated like that and they are not prosecuted in front of revolutionary or martial courts “ like our activists”. This is more important pardoning them because we are giving them a chance from justice yet we will not be fooled with their lies.
Back to Salem , Khaled Saleh should be summoned to military prosecution.


  1. ممكن حد يشرح لي مين حسين سالم ده وهل حرامي هربان من مصر ومتهم بسرقة كام كده. انا عارف زكريا عزمي... نفسي اعرف مين حسين سالم

  2. Well, there is nothing today about Hussein Salem in the Israeli press, so its probably not true.

    If it was true, then it would have been a very big story there.

  3. Egypt has great economic and growth potential but has many obstacles that are of it's own making.
    To list a few, it has a huge stone age government bureaucracy, political and religious instability,corruption, unskilled labor force, poor education, poor infrastructure, poor security, etc.
    Ask yourself a question...Why and how many Egyptians have foreign bank accounts?
    Money likes STABILITY!

  4. I think Suzanne Mubarak is the mastermind of the whole operation...She encouraged Gamal and Alaa to steal money meant for the poor! She should spend time in jail and teach Arabic and English to the other work will not kill this black spider!


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