Sunday, May 29, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Hamza in the heart of Cairo "Updated with Rawafed school bus massacre"

As soon as the story of Hamza El Khatib and what happened to him hit the Egyptian cyberspace Egyptian activists decided to act quickly , they planned for a stand in solidarity with Hamza in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza. The stand will be from 12PM to 4 PM Cairo Local time by the request of the Syrian community in Egypt. Needless to say El Baath cyber agents are attacking Egyptians and Egypt because of this stand.
Tomorrow Syrian protesters and revolutionaries are calling all Syrians around the globe to burn the ugly photos of El Assad dynasty and to raise the photos of Hamza.
The traitor is the one
that kills his own people
Now we are all amazed by this international silence regarding the murder of Hamza and other children like him in Syria in this way.  There is an online petition for UNICEF to take an action regarding Hamza’s murder, I urge you to sign it.
Update : At 7 AM Homs local time a terrible crime took place in Homs when security forces "allegedly army forces" opened their fires on school bus following El Rawafed and Choueifat private schools. 13 students aside from the driver were on the bus,they were from one family "El Khatib and they are not related to Hamza El Khatib May Allah bless his soul". The children were transferred to El-Kendy hospital , 5 of them are in a critical condition while 4 of them are stable still a 10 years girl Hager El Khatib was killed along with one of the ambulance medics. The security forces opened their fires on the ambulance as well !!! The army of course is denying the incident but there are video clips from the hospital showing the poor injured kids !!!!!!!! "Graphic somehow"

Palestinian Egyptian Poet and Political analyst Tamim El-Barghouti wrote a wonderful tweet about the claims of fake heroic resistance and the murder of Hamza.
Tamim's post 
Who kills the children with torture will not liberate land or stand with ally or win an enemy. General mourning on Hamza El Khatib and the torture victims in our countries.
I do not need to comment about Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s speech about Syrian last week , let’s just say that Hezbollah lost a lot of what they could imagine with their position from Syrian revolution.
Yesterday Syrians took the streets to protest the torture and murder of late Hamza whether inside Syria or outside it. The protests continued till late night and as usual in Syria and unsurprisingly the security cracked down those protests violently.
Here is a video from night protest in Damascus.
Damascus : Night protest in solidarity with Hamza
Here is a video from a night protest in Harasta , Reef Dimshaq.
Reef Dimshaq-Harasta : Night protest in solidarity with Hamza
Here is a video from a protest in the city of Talbisah , Homs in solidarity with Hamza.
Homs , Tablisah : In solidarity with Hamza
Here is a video from a night protest in Hama where the people were planning to have a sit in. You hear live ammunition crystal clear.
Martyr Hamza El Khatib Saturday at Hama
You can hear the same sound at the night protest in soldiarity with Hamza in Deir ez-Zor.
Deir ez-Zor : A night protest in solidarity with Hamza.
Here is an injured from Deir ez-Zor protest , he was shot by the security forces and his name is Mahmoud El Aasad “Graphic”
Deir ez-Zor protest Injured
Here is a night protest from El Rastan , Homs largest city at night in solidarity with Hamza.
Homs–El Rastan : In solidarity with Hamza
A night protest as well in Doma , the people of Doma made it clear they are ready to help Hamza’s father.
Doma : A night protest in solidarity with Hamza
And here is a protest by the German community in Stuttgart , Germany in solidarity with Hamza as well, I hope that German media picks up this story.
Germany-Stuttgart : In solidarity with Hamza
It is worth to mention that early today more security forces were deployed in the city and not less than 4 citizens have been killed so far there. Update : I got tweet from Sham NN claiming that a 10 years old girl was killed today.
It is really strange that Hamza was from the city of Giza in Daraa and insh Allah next Monday Egyptians and Syrians will protest his murder in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza , Egypt !!
There are news that there is internet blockage in several areas in the country and it seems that it is expanding. I have lost counting for real when it comes to the numbers of dead and injured through out the country not to mention the number of the detainees !!!!!!!!!!  We are speaking about 1100 martyrs and over 10,000 detainees !!!!!!!
Now I share with this list of companies which Ramy Makhlouf either owns or has shares in.

So much for El Baath socialist values !!
Update : I found a very disturbing tweet from Malath Aumran that a mass grave containing unidentified dead bodies "more than 25 bodies" has been discovered shortly in Homs.   This is not the mass grave to be discovered during the Syrian revolution , we still remember that there were a mass grave discovered near Daraa city  "the government denied its existence but  we got official papers that say otherwise" and another mass grave allegedly discovered near Inkhil city also in Daraa governorate !!


  1. Amazingly described , please keep updating with any other information about mass murdering and graves founds , i will keep re posting

  2. Thank you for your post, it helped me understand what happened better. Allah ynsorhom 3al thalem!

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