Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are sorry Sherihan

Egypt’s true and only Diva Sherihan was attacked outside Tahrir square last May 27th,2011 , she was harassed and stalked in a disgusting way. Of course Mubarak orphans’ used the incident to defame and attack both Sherihan and Tahrir square !!
El Wafd portal published a video showing Sherihan harassed and attacked by bunch of thugs while people tried to protect her and form a human chain around her.
Attacking Sherihan
Now you must know the amazing Sherihan came alone with no bodyguards or what so ever as far as we know from filmmaker Aida El Kashaf , she stayed at Tahrir square from 1PM to 6 PM safely and nobody attacked her from near or far on the contrary already we did not know that she was there unlike other celebs from politicians and actors. Then at 6 PM she left when the protest was over , after crossing the popular committee at the entrance of Tahrir square “at Kasr El Nil bridge” she was attacked by a group of thugs.
Update : Sherihan's spokesperson has spoken to the media and denied that it was a sexual harassment attack or it was deliberate. According to other eye witnesses who saw it some troublemakers had some sort of fight with her driver at the same time she came from the square surrounded by fans who wanted to take photos and thus she stuck in the middle. Nevertheless we got the fact she was injured according to Aida El Kashaf.
I do not know how it started but I read that someone asked to take a photo with her and then things went terribly wrong and evil. People in the street tried to save her and form some sort human chain but failed. There were strange persistence and violence , it was deliberate violent attack.
Sherihan is fine now but her arms and legs are badly injured according to Aida El Kashaf. I am so angry and furious. Sherihan as usual does not speak to the media about the incident. I think she does not want this incident to be used again the revolutionaries or Tahrir square but from what I see is that it is already being used in the media whether online or offline either ways.
Some people will draw parallels between Sherihan’s attack and Lara Logan’s attack still I think Sherihan’s was a true deliberate attack , we can’t be sure from this in Lara’s case despite some suggest that it was a deliberate attack by Mubarak thugs in order to spoil the moment especially Lara was detained by security forces before aside from the fact Sherihan was really outside the square. Sherihan stayed safely for hours in Tahrir so why it happened to her in particular after leaving the square !? Why did not it happen with any other woman returning from the square in the same way !? Why did the thugs followed her even after she crossed Kasr El Nil bridge !? Why is the Mubarak’s orphans media insisting that she was harassed not only attacked at Tahrir square during the protest not outside it after the protest was already finished !?
I found this Facebook page dedicated to Sherihan “We are sorry Sherihan”. Amazing Sherihan was the first real A List celeb in Egypt to declare its full support to the revolution on Al Jazeera channel on January 28th on air with no fear when all the A List celebs were kissing the regime ass !!
This incident will not break down Sherihan , on the contrary knowing what this lady faced since young age , since the death of her brother then her terrible accident then surviving from cancer,I believe this is just a stumble in the road.
God bless you Sheri
Now all the comments online are attacking Tahrir square and the protesters for this incident not to mention the revolution , the revolution which took Egypt by storm from north to south. This revolution is bigger than Tahrir and its protesters , this is an Egyptian revolution , the revolution of Egyptian people


  1. Zeinobia,
    I remember Sherihan's call to aljazeera almost crying, and saynig "if it weren't for my cancer I'd have joined them".
    Amazingly enough, a few days later she turned out to have joined already the protests in Tahrir.

    Mubarak's orphans will of course try use that "accident", but as you said, the revolution is bigger than Tahrir and its protesters.

    Well, I hope she gets well soon, and thank you for bringing out the subject.

  2. Thanks for bringing out the subject and raise one of our big problems which is harassment and of course a big sorry from every one to Sherihan , however the revolution will not stop and will continue until all demands are fulfilled and struggle against harassment is long and tough one but we will conquer as long their are people who wake the nation Conscience like you.

  3. I wrote about the incident in my blog. I am glad you are shedding light into it too.

    We have to deal seriously with sexual harassment. Yes, maybe they were paid thugs that did that, but maybe not. Isn't it a possibility? We know that we had so many incidents of mass sexual harassment, so let's not pretend that it can't happen again to Lara Logan or Sherihan.

    You ask this question "Why did not it happen with any other woman returning from the square in the same way !?" Well actually how do you know it didn't? Some eye witnesses saw mass sexual assault on a girl near Bostan st. just outside Tahrir.

    Most importantly, the aim of discussing such issues is never to stigmatize the revolution or to tarnish its image, but to keep a realistic sense and to give justice to the victims who either speak like Lora or remain silent and suffer in silence.


  4. The guests in this show are trying to explain the reason for sexual harassment towards women in Egypt. I do agree with most of it.

  5. Good link, Hazem, but it's so typical of PBS to blame sexual harassment on "economic hardship and poverty". I LOLed.


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