Monday, May 30, 2011

What about Hossam Swallium !?

Dear friend Hossam El Hamalawy aka @3arabawy found himself summoned to the military prosecution along with ONTV talk show star Reem Maged tomorrow.
Hossam El Hamalawy spoke last Thursday on ONTV and he criticized the practices of military police and also he spoke wisely about how the mainstream media was turning the SCAF in to another Mubarak with their normal hypocrisy it was raised upon for decades.
Hossam Hamalawy speaks on ON TV
He did not cross any line on the contrary he did not say anything more than what was said that week from Yosri Fouda, Nawara Negm, Wael Khalil ,Ibrahim Eissa and Belal Fadl.
Knowing the mechanism of the military prosecution and based on what happened with Bothaina Kamel , it seems that someone reported them and complained to the military prosecution , like of instance the military police or general X or Y or the Morale department.
I am not worried about them but I am worried that this is getting silly , more and more journalists are being summoned day after day. Sometimes I understand when someone publishes or says false news about SCAF or the army but I do not understand why someone is summoned about his or her opinion or about facts like the practices of military polices in specific incidents documented in video.
Already I do not understand why the military prosecution does not investigates these incidents which overshadow the relation not only between SCAF and the revolutionaries but the SCAF and the people themselves. I do not understand why former Lt. General Hossam Swallium who accused the Egyptian revolution of being an American made revolution was not summoned to the military prosecution , Swallium already accused SCAF of treason indirectly with this accusation as SCAF took the revolution’s side. Of course I do not know if Swallium was actually summoned or not as military man but I am just raising a point here of those who really insult the army and SCAF.
Anyhow Reem and Hossam are not the only reporters who were summoned to military prosecution but also El Wafd editor in chief and journalist plus journalist Nabil Sharf El-Din for claiming that there is a deal between Muslim brotherhood , Salafists and SCAF even if they do not say directly. Of course Sharf El-Din went a little too far when he lost his temper with hot tempered Mamdouh Shahin last Friday. Now regarding Sharf El-Din I know that I have to stand with him because of freedom of expression but I can’t forget the fact that he was a former state security officer before becoming a journalist. I can’t forget that he used to appear on Egyptian TV during the revolution to attack the revolution and Tahrir square. Of course he can’t stomach the Muslim brotherhood thus he is attacking SCAF. I do not trust Sharf El-Din at all.
Sharf El Din is not like Hossam El Hamalawy or Reem Maged or El Wafd or El Shorouk journalists with my due respect to freedom of expression.
Some will say that this is worse than the days of Mubarak , I have to disagree because in days of Mubarak we were not allowed to speak at all and we were glad that there is no censorship after the revolution and we began to enjoy with this leap in our media with channels like ONTV , Tahrir TV and 25 TV. Freedom of expression is not a grant ,it is right we have to push boundaries more and more to get it. We will not stop fighting for this.
Now here is a Facebook in solidarity with Hossam , Reem and unfortunately Sharf El-Din. By the way I found a copy for military laws amendments for year 2007. It is worth reading.


  1. i hope it will be all right I am optimistic ISA

  2. You can not trust anyone who has been to the US or has contacts in the US. There is no democracy in the US and they do not want Egypt to have any either.

  3. "You can not trust anyone who has been to the US or has contacts in the US. There is no democracy in the US and they do not want Egypt to have any either."



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