Monday, May 30, 2011

Yemen Revolution : Saleh is leading his own camel battle “Graphic”

Actually Ali Abdullah Saleh has been leading his own camel battle in hope to push the country , his own country in to a civil war for a week with his attacks against major Yemeni tribes so it is not surprise that he would order current attack place in Ta’iz against protesters at Freedom square. After midnight we found out that Saleh’s troops set fire in the tents at the square and opening their fires against peaceful protesters. Not less than 7 were injured and tens were injured in primary estimation of course numbers will be bigger as usual. Already from while ago the field hospital at the square has called the help of doctors.
According to Al Jazeera Arabic there are bulldozers heading to the square and actually now they are saying that bulldozers have ran over the protesters !!!
This live stream is transferring from Freedom square on aire from time to time. From short time ago there was a huge smoke and sounds of fire engines and ambulances’ sirens in the scene.
From Ta’iz : Freedom square
Here are early videos showing fires in the square.
Saleh militias set tents on fire at Freedom square
Security forces fire live ammunition and gases in Ta’iz
An injured in Safwa hospital in Ta’iz
It seems that already it was a bloody day in Ta'iz as there were videos showing a terrible scene in the Safwa hospital from injured and martyrs. It seems that there were attacks all over the day but Saleh gangs waited till the midnight till they have an upper hand with their bulldozers !!

There are sounds of explosions and bombing in town. There is a news that the protesters took a hostage from the Yemeni army in return that the Yemeni army would release their detainees !! It sounds crazy.
Now it seems that it will be an old night in Ta’iz , who knows this could be the end of Saleh insh Allah. Some people are drawing parapllel with what happened in Bahrain’s Lulu square if you remember it.
I am sorry for posting this photo but I can’t be silent in front of these crimes committed against Children because of old stupid dictators. “Graphic”
Little Shahd 
This beautiful child was 5 years old Shahd.Shahd is in great place now without a doubt , oh God
Not even children but also elders as well !!
The old man and security forces


  1. Saudi Arabia is being far from helpful but then
    they have the "petroleum bomb" with which they
    can blow up the world economy. They don't have any use for democracy, but I don't see why they should fear it in other countries. It makes no difference what outsiders think, same with Iranian Gov't. Someone will always buy their oil. They don't fear Islamists because they are virtually an Islamic Wahabbi State. They seem to fear women, doctors & human rights advocates.

  2. For Arab countries to gain freedom and democracy they need to bomb this country "Saudi" Arabia and I dont mean bombing civilians just the palaces where Sauds are, we need to help the citizens of Hejaz and Najid get rid of this murdering mafia.

  3. Yes, definitely we need to help the citizens


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