Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ali Abdullah Saleh to Saudi Arabia !? "Updated"

Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are claiming that Ali Abdullah Saleh has been transferred to Saudi Arabia to get treatment after the attack on the presidential palace yesterday.
Both news network claim that the news is true based on their own sources in Saudi Arabia especially Al Arabiya. We need more confirmation still than this.
If this news is true then Saleh has just joined the ex-presidents club in Jeddah and he will be the new friend and neighbor of Ben Ali !!
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Ali has got a fragment near his heart and is suffering from second degree burns in his face and in his chest according to BBC while Saudi sources revealed to Reuters that Saleh got injuries in the chest and the neck.
Ok seriously speaking I have couple of questions in my mind :

  • Who is going to rule Yemen when the President , the PM and allegedly VP are in Saudi Arabia !?
  • Will Saleh return back !?
  • Is Saleh truly sick or did he make up this attack in order to escape to Saudi Arabia with his dignity !?
  • Where is his criminal son !?
  • What is the position of the republican guard now !?
Of course I am not afraid on Yemen because the great noble Yemeni people showed the world all those months how much they care about their country and its unity. They showed how one of the most self armed societies in the world put its tribal difference and past for the sake of one great nation called Yemen.
Good bye Saleh and insh Allah this will be a new great start for Yemen and a great powerful push to the Arab Spring and its revolution in the hot summer.
Insh Allah Yemen will be a happy Yemen for real.
Late 5 years old Shahd who was killed by Saleh's  troops
 Update : 
  • Abdel Rab Mansur Al Hadi , the Yemeni VP has become the acting president of the country and also its commander in chief in the absence of Saleh. Reading his bio makes me wonder about his loyalty knowing the fact that he has been a VP since the 1990s. Anyhow the good news is that he is from Aden, I think he is the first acting president from Aden.
  • Saleh arrived to Riyadh from several hours ago along with numbers of officials and he was transferred to some military hospital there. According to Al Arabiya's sources he was walking normally !!
  • A second Saudi Jet went to Sana'a to bring not less 20 members from Saleh's family !!
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