Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Khaled Said : The movement is still there

I did not expect that people would react to Yesterday’s silent stands , I did not expect that they would come and participate in the stands for one hour. I do not know why , I should have known better. Anyhow I love the fact I adore it when my Egyptian people surprise me.
Now here are photos and videos from around the country showing how the Egyptian people remembered a young man called Khaled Said.
From Alexandria :
According to friends in Alexandria not less than 1000 young men stood all long the Alexandrian corniche. Khaled Said’s mom and sister joined the stand at 5 PM and left at 6.30 PM to find another protest in solidarity with Khaled at his house. Here how Khaled’s mom was received when she arrived at the stand by Mohamed Abdel Fatah.
Part of the stand at the corniche at Cleopatra area by Mohamed Abdel Fatah.

A Candlelight vigil held at corniche in Alexandria by Mohamed Abdel Fatah.
Some protesters decided to march to Khaled’s house
From We are all Khaled Said on Facebook 
Here is the scene under Khaled’s hosue.
From Facebook 
Khaled got a beautiful mural in Alexandria made for him today.
Photo Courtesy : AP
To Cairo :
Now to Cairo that witnessed two important events : The MOI protest and Kasr Al Nil silent stand.
As you may from the last post about the MOI protest witnessed things we have never imagined before the revolution like for instance 200 protesters chanting anti- ministry of interior chants while officers and soldiers just watched and kept their anger for themselves.
Listening to what he does not like to hear "Reuters"
Here are more snap shots from the MOI’s protest.The artist behind Khaled's stencils is Hussam Shukarallah
By Hossam Hamalawy
I found it in twitter but could not find who posted it.
By Moataz Atallah
And Khaled was not alone but other martyrs as well

By Shaimaa 

Now to my coverage for the silent stand at Kasr Al Nil bridge. A little couple of photos , I chose the best for Demotix and Flickr.

Now to outside Cairo and Alexandria.
Asuit :
Sharkia : 
By Haitham Glahom
Port Said: 
By Omar Tamer 
By Sai'd Omar 
Aswan : 
By Glgl

Damnhur : 
By Ahmed Mohamed
The video clips will come in the way insh Allah
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  1. God bless the martyr Khaled Said and his family. He showed us why all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish one candle.

  2. I just want to offer my thanks and support. Your example shows there is hope to restore -or create- some kind of democracy that is not a mediated sideshow in the 'western democracies'. What's more, Egyptians, and Tunisians before have invented effective methods to create solidarity against oppression and lies.

    Of course the battle for freedom is not over. And even having won, eternal vigilance is required to keep our freedom. Otherwise the forms of democracy will be hollowed out, leaving a sham. Hitler was elected. Mubarak also.

    There are anti-democratic forces implacably opposed to the people of the world being the masters of their destiny, in the west as much as anywhere, perhaps more. The 'international markets', lovers of a fake stability are an obvious example. In a tyranny, there is only one person to pay.

    Here - in Australia - as well there are monopolies everywhere you look. This is a very rich country, and 30% struggle to feed and house themselves - a house costs about $US500,000 at the far outskirts of the big cities, so buying one is an impossible dream (I'm not making this up)-, all in order that the mega-rich can be hyper-rich.

    So thankyou again, and may we have the courage to follow your example

  3. Thank you so much for your blog posts! Seeing these pictures and reading this post have helped me stay connected to all of you in Egypt. Prayers and support from America.

  4. There is hope still...

  5. The police are still killing people? What's being done about that!!

  6. yeah but just workers, microbus drivers or farmers... not from the middle class so we all should be alright with that, right Zeinobia?


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