Saturday, June 4, 2011

Remembering Khaled Said’s murder

Next Monday 6th of June 2011 will mark the first anniversary of Khaled Said’s murder , it is the first anniversary after one year , a very special year that did not change the course of history in Egypt but rather the course of history in the Middle East.
What began as a simple silent stand at the Alexandrian famous corniche attracting for the first time the silent middle class of Egypt ended by a remarkable revolution.
Now next Monday 6th of June 2011 The “We are all Khaled Said” page is calling for a silent stand across the country to mark the anniversary of Khaled Said at 5 PM for one hour. Of course after the three alleged torture incidents ended with Yesterday Azbakia driver activists decided to have a stand in front of the ministry of interior itself at the same time. The stand has a list of demands like having a judicial supervision on police stations and the new national security agency and prosecuting all the officers responsible for torture cases in Egypt.
Also next Friday activists especially Nawara Negm are calling for a million man protest to topple the ministry of interior’s terrorism next Friday at Tahrir square and major squares in Cairo. This Friday has got very specific demands as follows :
  • Freezing the activities of MOI
  • Launching a campaign in Egypt to rebuild a new police force in the country.
  • All the files of MOI should be transferred to the ministry of justice or we can merger MOI in the ministry of justice.
  • A coalition of human rights organizations should investigate the files of MOI.
  • A house arrest for all the generals of MOI.
  • Sacking off Mansour Eissawy and appointing a new minister from the ministry of justice.
I know some will say that these are crazy demands , well unfortunately what is the crazy is this lack of responsibility from the ministry of interior’s side. Already there is an overlapping and also contradiction in these demands as you can see. Nawara Negm is angry and she has to be.
Already if the big generals in the MOI were referred to military courts for abandoning their positions especially leaving their positions at our Eastern borders and opening prisons on January 28th and January 29th !! The lack of security is what make tourists afraid to come to Egypt not anything else. People are angry , real angry from the police force. They are wondering why they are talking salaries and not doing their jobs. All people agree that the police officers will go back to their work if they return back to treat us like badly like shit , they are finding it hard to treat us like humans equally thus they are not doing their job !!
Of course this is besides the torture and police brutality cases along with the same old deniels !!Eissawy is a good kind man but unfortunately the ministry which was spoiled in time of El Adly does not need a good kind man only but a real revolution , a real radical change to rebuild it again.
Now back to Khaled Said’s murder anniversary the stand in Cairo will be at Kasr Al Nil bridge , that same bridge which witnessed a battle on January 28th we will tell about to our grand children just like my grandma and granddad used to tell me about the Abbas bridge battle between students and police.
After one year of We are all Khaled Said movement , I must thank two amazing Egyptian young men : Abdel Rahman Mansour and Wael Ghonim.
May Allah bless you Khaled Said.


  1. Another great post, Zeinobia.

  2. May Allah swt bless his soul in Heaven insyallah and may those responsible for his death be punished insyallah. Thanks Z for the report and I do agree with the next coming Friday protest demands. The Minister of Interior need to go, he is not capable of running the show. Egypt didnt need a new thug to run the Ministry of Interior but somebody who has strong and firm leadership and he knows how to lead his staff well and enforce the security in Egypt again. For example like former MOI Ahmed Rushdie who were an excellent leader and well respected person who handle his job very well.


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