Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where is Youssef Boutros Ghali now !? "Updated"

Former minister of finance Youssef Boutros Ghali was sentenced today in absentia 30 years in jail in what is considered the maximum penalty in a corruption involving Mubarak’s ministers.
Of course the secret of this conviction in this speed is the fact that Ghali is a runaway , he can’t appeal the court order as long as he is not detained and is not at the cage.
Now where is Youssef Boutros Ghali !? Some legal experts say that we will have a trouble in arresting him because he has got three passports !! Oh Yes our former minister of finance has got the passports of Egypt , Lebanon and if I am not mistaken either Canada or the States. 
Potential presidential candidate Dr. Ayman Nour revealed that when he was in Lebanon from couple of weeks ago , he found out that Ghali was staying there with his Lebanese wife at Faqra region. ‘known for its palaces and its resorts whether in winter or summer’
Nour also claimed that Ghali had visited several times the Egyptian embassy in Beirut , if it is true than it is shocking because according to law our embassy is an Egyptian territories and he should be detained as soon as he stepped there. If Nour is right in his claims then the ministry of foreign affairs should tell why Ghali walked out of the embassy as a free man.
Anyhow I wonder what Boutros Ghali , the former UN secretary general thinks of his nephew now !?
Update : My dear friends told that he has been seen several times in London ,the safe haven of Egyptian runaways several times. 
By the way here is Youssef Ghali’s entry of shame at the Interpol website.


  1. Richmond, Surrey

  2. What an absurd sentence for such a minor crime. Seriously- 30 years in prison for using cars and government property to print campaign materials??? 15 years only for the campaign materials?? That's not even illegal in most countries! And knowing the idiots currently running Egypt there is no reason to believe any of this was actually sufficient proven. It's not a coincidence that the only Christian member of the old regime received by far the harshest sentence for the lightest crime. The SCAF is clearly sympathetic to Muslim extremists.

  3. 30 years! That's tough. I wonder what sentences will be dished out on the Mubaraks.

  4. The Boutros-Ghalis have been complicit in clientelism and cronyism and corruption for generations.
    They are reviled in Sudan for the role their forebearer had in the occupation and foreign domination.

    Sudanese commentator

  5. He was seen on Oxford street in London during the month of March.

  6. Shouldnt we imprison those who have more than 3 or 4 children for squandering public monies (subsidies etc) ? He raised revenues to their highest levels. Surely, we must hear his side of the story about these cars and the photocopier, but 30 years ? I mean did the court typist get it right ? Maybe its 3 ?

  7. The sentence has to do with absentia, it's a legal standard in many countries to convict with maximum penalty when the defendant is a fugitive, that does not mean that a fugitive cannot be found unguilty in court but if convicted they are more than likely to get a severe sentence.

  8. To Ihab,

    Maybe so, but at the moment you cant help being a fugitive when you cant trust the lawmakers who are under severe pressure to hand down stiff sentences otherwise they will be targeted. Its french revolution style back in fashion ! I still think we should know more facts about the cars. He never put them in his name apparently, it was to save the ministries on buying cars for their visitor car pool otherwise these cars would just rust in the gamarek. Thats what I was told. Either way, he should come out and give us an answer.


  9. You are very badly informed about Lebanese laws, you must understand that ghali cannot have a Lebanese passport even though his wife is Lebanese, that is totally wrong, and cannot happen in any way. Being seen in faqra is not a crime to my opinion, and does not necessary explain 30 years in prison for a person who has increased the GDP for years in Egypt. I think Egyptians should be ashamed to lose such a person and replace him by a bunch of uneducated Militaries....

  10. Ghali is the IMF's foster child. I say good riddance.

  11. haa haa he left nd they never get him . let keep their sentence in their ass haa haaa


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