Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yemen Revolution : The president’s health “Update”

Now the main event or the main news from Yemen yesterday was not the huge million man protests but rather the attack on the presidential palace and how Ali Abdullah Saleh survived this attack. According to official statements from Yemen , Saleh was injured in his head but it is not dangerous though.
Up till now we do not know exactly who launched the attack , at first the Saleh camp accused El-Ahamr clan of standing behind the attack but the El Ahamrs denied. It is worth to mention that Saleh is trying to drag the major tribes in to a civil war but they are trying not to be dragged to this trap , they want the revolution to be peaceful as much as they can. The last thing I know is that his press secretary accused the States of standing behind the attack at none other than Al Hurra TV channel !!
Some activists and politicians in Yemen fear that Saleh is fabricating this attack in order to turn in to a war against the revolution. “As if he has not already” There is true fear from Saleh’s revenge to the level that many people from Sana’a left the city after knowing the news.
Saleh spoke in a short recorded message to the Yemeni people and to the world.
Abdullah Saleh addressing the public
He did not appear for a single moment , the thing which means he could be badly injured. He reminds me with Qaddafi.
Who will go down first !?
Today 4 top Yemeni officials among them the prime minister have been transferred to Saudi Arabia for treatment , there was a rumor that Saleh was transferred to KSA as well but it was denied from couple of hours ago.
Here couple of videos from Yemen yesterday’s Friday protests.
Sana’a : Long protest , really long protest
Taiz : Friday speech under the gunfire

Taiz : protest
From Saada "Facebook"

There will be a solidarity stand at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo by the way.
The Atlantic showed a very interesting collection of photos from Yemen. 


  1. I wholeheartedly believe that he's fabricating it!! Just like all the 'fake' news about Mubarak being depressed and very ill!

  2. I think he was injured in his head many years ago

  3. The protests were very large. As are the ones in
    Syria, though we are not able to see them. Incredible numbers and mostly non-violent. The only similiar size protests I remember in the West were against the invasion of Iraq. Over a million in London but they mostly didn't have to worry about being killed or injured.


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