Monday, July 4, 2011

And when will we have the local councils elections Mr. PM !?

PM Sharaf stated in a press conference during his current visit to the UAE that the parliamentary elections will be held at late September 2011 while the presidential elections will be held at the end of the year in December 2011. The members of SCAF said this before , there is nothing new except a confirmation that stop any speculation about delaying the elections. Of course if I were from the journalists who attended that press conference , I would have asked PM Sharaf one thing : When are we going to have our local councils elections !?

Last week the administrative court ordered the dissolution of local councils in one of the biggest blows to the Mubarak regime legally and administratively as the NDP used to control 98% of local councils across the country. The government has decided to respect the court order and not to appeal.According to the law we should have local councils elections within the upcoming 60 days !!

Our parties are too dump and arrogant to think about the local councils despite they are the most important in this stage of rebuilding the state. I do not know why no party has shared its vision regarding the local councils. If we want to fight the administrative corruption then it must starts with the local councils.

 Only yesterday we know the following about our parliamentary elections :

  • The age of candidacy will be 25 years old for the parliamentary elections whether people’s assembly or Shura council.
  • The upcoming elections will based on mixed voting system , half of the councils will be elected through direct elections while the second will be elected through proportional voting system.

I hope in the coming two months we know the rest of the articles at the elections law !!  

By the way a group of Egyptian expats in UAE complained that the embassy did not let them attend the meeting with the prime minister in Abu Dhabi.

A trivial news : Sharaf held the longest cabinet meeting last Sunday in the history of modern Egypt.

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