Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camel Battle 2 : Free Amr Gharbeia and all other detainees

Egyptian blogger and human rights researcher Amr Gharbeia has been detained at Abassaya by a group of youth according to Alya El Hosseiny and he was possibly going to be handed over to the military police. They labeled him a spy and April 6 member to the end of this talk.
Still We found this comment from Facebook with the name of the SS informer who abducted him !!

It is not about Amr Gharbeia but about all those who have been arrested.
Twitter in Egypt now is full of questions on if anybody at Abassaya thought that friend or that father or that sister or daughter !! It is just sad.
Update :


  1. I saw his photo on FB with that Israeli spy. does not mean he took a picture with him that he is a spy. that is really stupid assumption! we read on the news that this Mossad spy fool a lot of people including so many young activists that were at Tahrir and he blend in very well with his acting, so I dont blame any young activists or Egyptians who were at Tahrir to mix with him since the know him only as a journalist and showing his support for the revolution. Whoever took him or kidnap him should release him because whatever accusation they have against him only based on his photo with that spy guy are really ridiculous!

  2. - Page not found

    Is Army trying to wipe the man out of history too?

  3. Alhamdullilah. I think people should either remain at the Tahrir Square or go to work and come back there every Friday like it used to be rather than going on marching which is really dangerous and the thugs and those who wants to destroy the image of a peaceful marching will take advantage of it and this will give SCAF and military advantage to take actions against them. God be with good Tahrir people insyallah.

  4. The facebook page in that last link says "Relationship Status: In a relationship with GAY" haha.


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