Tuesday, July 19, 2011

El Fadaly , Tyson and Tahrir Square

Here is the Yosri Fouda’s surprise last night we waited for.
Last Talk : Ahmed El Fadaly involved at the Camel’s battle
Fouda showed footage filmed o February 2nd night by Shady El Adl and Ahmed Khalil from Bokra for media production , media studies and human rights center which oversees Abdel Monim Riyad square and 6th of October bridge. Their camera captured about 55 GB of footage that has been presented to the public prosecutor in Egypt during the revolution. During the infamous Camel battle , they focused on those men wearing suits among the thugs. For months they could not identify that man in a suit smoking a cigarette and relaxing on the bridge while there was technically a civil war taking place around him but they did and decided to approach the media.

This man was none other than Ahmed El Fadaly whom before the revolution we never heard anything about. Ahmed El Fadaly heads some shadow party form the old parties called El Salam Party ‘Peace party’. He also heads the “Young men’s Muslim association” nationwide and some shady tabloid called “El Hadeth”. Of course heading an association like Young men’s Muslim association in time of Mubarak means that this man totally approved by the Mubarak regime regardless of what he claims from false heroic acts.
Now Mr. El Fadaly is the man who spoke about the Supra constitutional principles statement supported by the SCAF from a week ago and Sami Anan said this and said that. This is the man who allegedly claimed last week that there would be a new constitutional declaration !!
El Fadaly defended himself in the ON TV interview claiming that he was watching what was going as his office was near and that neither the thugs nor the revolutionaries knew him !! El Fadaly added that he opened the doors of the YMMA to the revolutionaries as the shelter. El Fadaly did not give any details about the pin he was wearing in the clip.
Of course it is worth to mention that the whole Tahrir area and that part of 6th of October bridge were completely blocked and nobody could come in or out except the Pro-Mubarak regime thugs. There are also dangerous accusation from the revolutionaries that the protesters who were captured by the thugs and SS were actually taken to YMMA HQ !! Concerning the pin well allegedly during the camel battle NDPians along Pro Regime supporters wore specific pins to identify each other while SS officers wore Egyptian flags pin !!
El Fadaly is now angry and is accusing Fouda of framing him because he called the Muslim youth to boycott Naguib Sawiris due to Naguib’s Mickey Mouse twitter fiasco in statements to Masrawy.com. Ironically enough Masrawy.com is owned by Naguib Sawiris is well.
Now you must know that El Fadaly was planning for something at Tahrir Square , something that could be sinister and thank God this interview and footage as it foiled whatever he was planning for. Before heading to the studios at the media city , El Fadaly was at Tahrir Square along with his secretary Amin Hamed who was captured later and interrogated by protesters at Tahrir Square.
Here is El Fadaly at Tahrir Square at 11:09 PM Cairo Local time
El Fadaly by Ahmed Medhat 
There is no further information on what he said but the protesters are totally convinced that El Fadaly and Hamed were planning for something and Tyson actually is a considered the proof on this.
Tyson by Ahmed Medhat 
Tyson is a thug if I did not misunderstand Ahmed Medhat's post.  I do not know his real name but you can guess why he was called Tyson.
According to Medhat's post El Fadaly had a meeting with Mr. Tyson at the cafe beside the main field hospital behind KFC , you know behind those buildings.
According to Ahmed Medhat El Fadaly wanted a group of thugs to secure or control the square headed by Tyson Pasha !! Needless to say the plan did not see the light thank God as the man was exposed to the protesters when he appeared with Fouda.
Here is El Fadaly's secretary Amin Hamed captured at Tahrir square till the morning
Amin Hamed by Shabrawy 
By the YMMA is not affiliated with the Muslim brotherhood.

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  1. Alhamdullilah for this footage and ONTV did a great job! this sucker and his thugs should be behind bar forever! these are the people who would destroyed the good names of the revolutionaries and Egypt's future! I hope the good revolutionaries at Tahrir to be alert and aware of this thugs!


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