Monday, July 25, 2011

Trials Season 1 : El Adly trial to be adjourned

Habib El Adly trial has been adjourned today to August 3rd ,2011 as the case will be included to the trial of Mubarak. It is actually good thing because we have been requesting that both trials to be included in one trial for the sake of the justice. This was among the first demands of the martyrs families if you remember in their sit in at Maspero. It is enough that we will get rid from Abdel Salam Gomaa from such case.
Today was for sure big day as million of Egyptians woke up so early to watch the trial that was supposed to start at 9 AM. It was the big show today , the real first episode in the big TV soap opera “Mubarak Regime Televised trials”. The trial of Anas El Faky was not that interesting compared to the trial of El Adly and seeing him behind the bars. Most of the people who were watching the trial just to see El Adly behind the bars.
The trial was a chaos without doubt , real chaos with no order what so ever in the court room that makes me wonder what will happen at Mubarak’s trial !! The Mubarak trial will be in Sharm El Sheikh and thank God it will be in Sharm El Sheikh because God only how many people will try to get in the court room in Cairo to see Mubarak behind the barriers. Already even a whole army can’t stop that number of people. I understand why it will be in Sharm and why it can't be in Cairo , people can eat Mubarak alive !! We are not in Norway , we are in Egypt ya people “Spare me from the comparison
FYI there was huge army presence before police presence there at the court in New Cairo with special forces.. etc.
First we have been surprised to know that judge Abdel Salam Gomaa decided that no TV channel would transfer the trial on air except the Egyptian national TV. Legally it is up to the judge and he can say that he does not want any cameras at in the court room.
Second we find that even before the trial would start a breaking news that the judge decided to adjourn the trial and to include it with Mubarak’s trial on next 3rd August 2011 !! Someone announced that to the reporters and martyrs’ families abroad and people began to wonder how this was announced how it was illegal as the judge has to announce this with the attendance of the suspects and lawyers , still after couple of minutes the trial started and those viewers got what they wanted.
The scene of the day was the moment we all waited for : El Adly wearing the blue prison suit behind the bars as a suspect.
Habib El Adly behind bars
From Sherif Abdel Kouddos 
El Adly wears the blue prison suit because he was convicted in another case earlier.
The million dollar question “ not even Egyptian pound” : Will Mubarak appears in the white suit ? I wonder how the court and the security will let the media already cover such major event , journalists should be notified in advance , also how the families of the martyrs “victims” will attend it !?


  1. Unlike Norways killer there is a reason to keep Mubarak trial public: He might confess against people at SCAF.

    If SCAF (judge or not) makes cameras turned off the justice might not happen.

  2. the court room today were so chaotic! I wish there will be some discipline in the Court room. there are too many people sitting and standing up, talking and even using mobile phone!!! As far as I know, mobile phone should be banned during session in a court room! I hope the next court hearing will see a better situation with more discipline! and they should have the case in a bigger court room rather than a small ones! but I am happy to see it live on tv!

  3. Who will you be judged after Mubarak? SCAF? Who's next? In court you have no other problems? No moribund economy? No criminals? Oh yeah, all the criminals have been martyred, You have destroyed 6 months, that has been built over many years . Who ruled Egypt? mad crowd Tahrir.Stop!


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