Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ya Welcome Ya welcome Tahrir Newspaper

And So Ibrahim Eissa and his original Dostor team of journalists are back again to business. Today was the first issue of their newspaper Tahrir Daily. Here is its twitter and Facebook accounts which publish its columns for the time being till the website starts operating. I wonder what is going to happen to the Original Dostor portal, I hope that Eissa keeps it because it became more than a website or a domain name he bought by his credit card.
Eissa vowed last year that he would work on issuing a new newspaper and he is a man of his promise because here is the new Tahrir newspaper. It may not have the same name of Dostor but it has the same the spirit indeed as the same columnists and journalists.
Eissa celebrates the first issue with El Moellam
and his journalists "Tahrir Newspaper FB page"
Now Ibrahim El-Moellam is the publisher of El Shorouk News and it is worth to mention that Citadel capital owns shares in his company Dar El-Shorouk.I hope that this is a private investment for El-Moellam away from Citadel Capital,I do not want anymore businessmen involvement in the media and press , enough of the TV channels.
Reda Edward and Siyad Badawy proved for real big fools to buy just a name by millions of Egyptian pounds in order to sack Ibrahim Eissa and his crew !!  The biggest acquisition in the history of Egyptian press and in return Badawy got nothing except bad publicity despite selling his share to Edward who can’t find an editor in chief up till now. 
People can’t forget what they had done at all.I feel so sad for Al Wafd party. That old liberal party has got good chance if it cleans itself from those old Mubarak’s regime puppet.
The lesson in this saga my dear friends is that you can kill a man but not his thoughts , it was not about Dostor or Ibrahim Eissa himself or his journalists but it was about the truth. Dostor Newspaper during Eissa’s day only dared to push boundaries , only to say part of the truth and not the whole the truth yet the Mubarak’s regime did not like even that.
I do not think that Eissa would have been able to publish a new newspaper if Mubarak, Azami , Gamal , Ezz and Al Sherif had been there.
I am so happy for the new Tahrir Daily , God bless it and its journalists.
P.S I hope that Amr Salim moves from Shorouk to sister Dostor.

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