Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yemen Revolution : Saleh wants still to rule !!

And Ali Abdullah Saleh spoke from couple of hours ago to the world not only to the Yemeni people. He spoke from Saudi Arabia in a recorded speech to prove that he is alive.
Ali Abdullah Saleh : Let’s share the rule
Saleh speaking to the people 
Saleh in the past 

Not only he proved that he is alive but he also proved that he still insists to rule !! He wants to share the rule !! I can’t believe this man seriously !? The man underwent 8 surgeries and still wants to rule !!
This is the first time Saleh appears in the media since the attack on the presidential palace from a month ago. Saleh was transferred to Saudi Arabia to receive treatments from burns.
The internet is full of comments from Yemen and Arab countries amazed and shocked by the Arab president’s appearance. People are speaking that it is a lesson from God to all other tyrannies in the Arab world.  
I can’t feel any sympathy with man , sorry I can’t because simply I can’t escape from the smile of Shahd and her face after she was killed by Saleh’s troops.
I believe Hosni Mubarak should rethink on how grateful the Egyptian people are , I think most Egyptians do not wish to see their president like that on TV.
I hope that Basher El Assad learns a lesson or two from this speech in the correct way.

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