Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Eid 2011 Everybody :)

Happy Eid to all Muslims around globe , tomorrow is officially the Eid in Egypt and a number of Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan so far.
I am expecting that amazingly Libya will celebrate the feast on the same time like us for the first time without Qaddafi , of course Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are celebrating the feast without their dictator rulers since 3 decades. “In case of Libya we are speaking about 4 decades of the most worst kinds of forced presidential cult”
The 1432 Higir year :)
I will not comment on whether the Eid should be Wednesday on Tuesday because I do not have enough knowledge to speak about it , I do not care about that fight over spaces between the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists but what I care is that I hope we all enjoy this feast , the first feast in the first glimpse of freedom in the Arab world insh Allah. 
Say Eid Saeed “Happy Eid” and Not “Eid Mubarak”
My heart and mind is with our people in Syria and Somalia. My special Eid greetings to the families of our martyrs not in Egypt but in the Arab world , my special Eid greetings to our wonderful doctors currently in Somalia doing their best in saving their Somali brothers , my special Eid greetings to our brothers and sisters in Syria , my special Eid greetings to our brothers in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.
My greetings to all Muslims around the globe.
Eid Saeed again and again insh Allah.


  1. EID SAEED YA ZEINOBIA! Thank you for all your wonderful reports and information!

  2. First, credit should go to that person who thought of connecting the year 1432 Hegriah to the ousting of these thugs. I hope we can see more of second and third tier thugs out, and reasonably soon. Egypt, of course, is full of them. Some of those old regime, who were always silent, and took big jobs, and excessive bonuses/ bribes, and smiled big behind their corrupted thugs, are now wanting to eat the revolution and run the country.

    Second, in Alexandria, we always said 3eed sa3eed, at least we did that in the past. I don'r know who changed to 3eed mubarak. The word is still a good Arabic word, but I like not to hear it for a while.

    Oh, well. 3eed sa3eed to every one.

  3. "... are now wanting to eat the revolution and run the country."

    Now that reminds me of Naguib Mahfouz, our Egyptian novelist and Nobel laureate, who once wrote that revolutions are "plotted by the clever, fought by the brave, and profited from by cowards.

  4. Thanks to Zeinobia for all her hard work in documenting the Egyptian Revolution, and happy Eid to all.


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