Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libyan Revolution :They are just like our policemen “Graphic +18”

As we are angry for our policemen who were killed cowardly by the IDF and demanding justice , I hope that we will be angry for our citizens that have been killed
Yes the Freedom fighters , the revolutionaries “not the rebels” are knocking the doors of Qaddafi in Tripoli currently right now bringing us hope for an end to this saga before the end of Ramadan insh Allah so the feast will be two feasts , yet we can’t ignore or close the file of Qaddafi’s war crimes against his own people and our own people.
For months SCAF did not recognize the NTC , did not kick out El Qaddafi’s ambassador or rather diplomatic delegation because we got not less than 1/2 million Egyptian in Tripoli , well guess what the colonel’s militias killed our Egyptian expats , poor expats as well with our silence !!
Below a video shows 16 Egyptian workers in Misrata killed by Qaddafi’s militias. “Extremely graphic content +18”
Qaddafi’s militias kill 16 Egyptians “Graphic”
From couple of days ago I heard a terrible story that Libyan revolutionaries found an alleged mass tomb for Egyptian families in Tajura killed by Qaddafi militias.
Moussa Ibrahim already ranted from short awhile ago claiming that they arrested bunch of Egyptians and Tunisians in Tripoli.
I think the generals should recognize the NTC now just like Tunisia. I think the generals should be ready to face the families of those who were killed by the hands of the Qaddafi troops all those months. I know after the fall of Qaddafi will hear horror story from our Egyptian community there aside from the Libyans themselves.
I do not want any nationalist to feel sorry for Qaddafi like Hamdeen Sabhi and Mustafa Bakry. I do not want the conspiracy theories club speak when our people are killed like that.
I do not want to speak on how Egypt could have helped the Libyans in their second war for independence but We have a lot to do for the New Libya.
My only solace is that Egypt is like a sick person that is already recovering and hopefully after recovery it will restore back its role in the region and it will help Libya once to restore its glory.
By the way I think the Qaddafi clan has left Libya.
Not less 133 revolutionary has been killed so far in the Mermaid Dawn operation.

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