Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Watch for Qaddafi in drag

Down town Tripoli is being bombarded currently by Qaddafi militias , I think the NTC will not move in two days to Tripoli in this way.
The foreign journalists are currently held hostage at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli according to Al Arabiya by the Qaddafi forces.Here is a full list of journalists confirmed to be at the Rixos including journalists who are currently tweeting like Matthew Chance of CNN. Dutch website “NRC” got nice gallery for the stuck journalists in the Rixos. Already what is taking place n the Rixos can turn in to a nice documentary or even a good film.
Of course last night Qaddafi proved to the whole world that he is still alive and kicking. He spoke to some local radio station in a phone call and claimed that he was in Tripoli where he went in disguise and found it safe. He added that his withdrawal from Bab Al Azaziyah was tactical  and that he will continue to fight.. blah blah blah. Now I imagine Qaddafi in disguise and it is either he dressed and acted like normal with nice hair cut or he disguised as woman  !!  Some officials form the NTC believes he in Algeria.
Hala Masariti, the infamous TV hostess turned to be alive thanks to the polite and kind revolutionaries who she used to attack day and night. Masariti claims that she surrendered herself to the revolutionaries. Now Hala says that Libya is not Qaddafi nor his sons !!! Here is a phone call for Hala Masariti with Free Libya
Hala Masarti’s phone call
She is now staying with some kind Libyan family. As far as I know this lady is married and her wedding party was held at Bab Azaziyah, where did her husband go !? Anyhow thank God that the revolutionaries did not harm her.
Hala Masarati wedding at Bab Al Azaziyah
There is a photo spread online for tunnel allegedly connecting the Rixos hotel and Bab Al Azaziyah compound
The Tunnel 
This photo actually was taken from a tunnel between Sinai and Gaza before year 2009 too !!
I believe myself that Qaddafi escaped through tunnels.
@10:15 PM Cairo Local from couple of hours the foreign journalists at the Rixos hotel were freed and the Qaddafi loyalists are gone
free at the Rixos at last "Getty"
Randa Abu El Azam has done an interview with none other than Gadaf El Dam in Egypt , Abu El Azam is specialized in Felol regionally as it seems !!
The NTC is offering  2 Million Libyan Dinars for the arrest of Gaddafi dead or alive. A businessman offered this bounty.
Now to the funny video of the day : The capture of Hala Masarti.

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  1. The clips about Hala are most entertaining.

    The sad thing is, Zeinobia, with your biased anti-Israel propaganda you are not much different from Hala. Though, I sincerely hope you look better.


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