Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mubarak’s thugs : breaking the law as usual !!

I do not understand why no one is paying attention to Mubarak’s supporters aka Mubarak’s children while they are breaking the law and spreading chaos in their own way , I do not understand how they are not being punished for breaking the law when we are trying to restore law and order in our society.
Last August 3rd the Mubarak’s children proudly bragged on how they had attacked reformist judge El-Khodairy and had beaten him , they confessed in their infamous Facebook page “I am sorry President” as well as on TV , one of their members bragged about beating the old judge !!
I know that intended assault is a felony in the Egyptian law. 
A Screen capture from the page
"Mezology blog

This is not the first time something like this happens because it happened before with Amr Gharbia and strangely despite Gharbia reported the matter to the public prosecutor no charges nor investigations as far as I know were issued against those who kidnapped him including former presidential guard “
Now the Muabrak’s children have issued a very dangerous statement threatening to unleash the hell on August 15th if Mubarak is transferred to Tora and it was enough that they allowed the humiliation of Mubarak  last August 3rd !!
Update : For the record " I am sorry President Mubarak" Facebook page claims that there are fake statements not issued by the pro Mubarak's supporters so I do not know if this is a real statement issued by the group or not especially it is signed by "The union of Mubarak's children pages !!" 
I do not understand how the police and military police beat the crap out of the protesters at Tahrir square who did not break any law “Whether you agree or disagree with them” when they leave those who break the law so explicitly in daylight like that , we demand justice and equality !!!
By the way I am not surprised from the Mubarak’s actions because these are the true Mubarak’s supporters : Thugs.

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  1. Have they yet confessed to raping journalist Lara Logan?


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