Monday, August 15, 2011

Mubarak’s trial : Episode 2 “Live Blogging”

Here is the second episode of  Mubarak’s trial , the trial of century in Egypt and the Arab world ; here is the second of the trial.
It is @9:25 AM Cairo local time not less 5,000 police officer and solider are protecting the court. There is a large number of Mubarak’s supporters , there is small fight breaking between the Mubarak’s supporters and their opponents from the families of the martyrs again. Journalists were hit on the middle as usual.
Inside the courtroom the defendants have not entered yet the court room , the judge has not entered yet. The defense team and the civil right lawyers are inside the court room Yesterday Judge Ahmed Rifaat said yesterday lawyers can attend the trial with the bar association ID Card. 
Alaa and Gamal Mubarak have reached to the police academy.
People expect surprises in this session ,  some think Mubarak will speak while some say that he is going to enter to the cage walking on his foot. Al Arabiya claims that the trial will be adjourned to Eid El Fitr.
By the way there are two important military trials for civilians today morning including the trial of Loai Nagati
@9:39 AM The Crew of Al Jazeera News Channel has been attacked by Mubarak's supporters.

Anti-Mubarak supporter has been injured and was transferred to an ambulance.
The injured by May Kamel 

ONTV correspondent says  that they are breaking ceramic plates and piling rocks in front of the police.
Piling rocks by Ian Lee
Khaled Abu Bakr , the lawyer of victim Mosaab El Shaer has been attacked by the Mubarak's supporters during their attack on Al Jazeera crew
@9:52 AM CLT The court ushers began to turn the documents of the case.
The court room now by unknown
@10:00 AM CLT The helicopter transferring Mubarak has arrived to the police academy.
The helicopter by ONTV

Here are the case's document
No filming will be allowed if field Marshal Tantawy is going to testify in court.
The Mubarak supporters or rather the old NDPians are using the same old techniques to attract more supporters ; they go house to house in populated areas like Imbaba to distribute LE 150 on the people in order to show up today. This is just an old and surprised technique.
@10:10 AM CLT Mubarak is currently in an ambulance , secured by 777 forces.
Mubarak has entered the court laying down on a stretcher yet again. This time he is wearing a dark training suit not a white suit as he should.
Mubarak on a stretcher 
His son Alaa blocked the camera and he is not wearing handcuffs yet again !!

@10:21 AM CLT Mubarak has entered the cage yet again on a stretcher , Alaa and Gamal Mubarak are blocking the camera while holding Quran. Mubarak is acting , this time he got an arterial line in his hand.
The court usher has called the session to start but there seems to be a fight among lawyers delaying the session.
In the cage 
Mubarak is pretending to have nap.
Alaa kissed his father's forehead !!
Kissing his forehead "Al Arabiya" 
@10:39 AM The session has started and the defendants are confirming that they are here. Mubarak said :  I am here. All the three said : I am here.
@10:45 AM The civil claims lawyers started their requests , Sameh Ashor wants to separate between the gas case and the shooting of the protesters case if I am not mistaken and I understood correctly. There are attempts to make the civil claims lawyers organized so what happened in yesterday's Adly trial to happen again.
Over 100 civil claim lawyer are there !! Some believe that those lawyers making noise in the court room are actually following the NDP and state security.
Here is the word of Judge Rifaat where he declared that the trial will not be on a daily basis.
@10:54 AM The judge is showing the evidence in the case. There are 3 evidences : An envelope with a CD , 4 DVDs each 8GB and A Flash memory. "It seems to be a new one"
There is a fight outside the court room, ugly between the Mubarak supporters and the anti Mubarak supporters. Both are hurling stones at each other. Cars are being smashed according to reporters there.Not less than hundred are reportedly injured including policemen. According to CNN's reporter Mohamed Fadel the clashes are worse than last time. The CSF soldiers are targeting the anti-Mubarak supporters !!
The stone hurling was reportedly initiated by Mubarak's supporters
@11:05 AM Farid El Deeb , the lawyer of the defendant is speaking.. He wants to adjourn the case if I am not mistaken so the defendant's team would revise the evidence and the documents. He also wants to include the records of the ambulance , the national ambulance regarding the murder of the protesters between January 25th-30th.
@11:10 AM A recess for deliberation.
@11:50 AM still a recess
Here is a nice photo for Mubarak when he entered the cage putting on his angry face.
Al Arabiya 
Al Masry Al Youm is broadcasting the trial live on YouTube.
@12:32 PM It seems that the recess is over because Mubarak and sons are back in to the cage , I think Mubarak is wearing robe du chambre !!
There is still a fight between the civil claims lawyers !!'Disgusting'
@12:56 PM The court is back
Judge Ahmed Rifaat decided to include the case of Mubarak to the case of Habib El Adly "killing the protesters" among other decisions including no TV broadcasting !! People cheered for it !! I do not get it
The case has been adjourned to next September 5,2011 along with El Adly.
All the requests of the civil claims lawyers will be accepted , the request of Farid El Deeb regarding the ambulance records is accepted as well. Human right activist Hossam Bahget praised this demand and said it was in our side as well to know the truth
Alaa and Gamal Mubarak saluted the public and Gamal made a victory sign.

It turns out the Mubarak brothers saluted a pro Mubarak lawyer."Not in his defense team though" It turns out that that lawyer was the one who started the fight during the long recess when he told the civil claims lawyers that Mubarak will go to heaven just for watching them.
Now according to law experts the trial is still public but due to the fact that it is illegal for the witnesses to hear each other testimonies , the judge decided to cease the live TV broadcast.
Other law experts support the decision to end the terrible TV show of civil claims lawyers
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  1. Thank you for doing this. It is so important.

  2. 30 years of kingship now in the cage....what you saw so shall you reep.


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