Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a smart move dear Anonymous

So Anonymous threats SCAF with online war because of April 6th and of course some are cheering for that threat. I think this is not the wise action in the current time. This can be used against April 6th movement as a sign of its collaboration with foreign parties against the Egyptian Army .
Anonymous does not understand how popular the Egyptian army among the people , it is not like the police they hate and despise nor it is like Mubarak and the NDP.
Anonymous threat to SCAF
Anarchy actions are not always the best answers especially it can turn the public against us and we are already losing more and more in the street , I do not give damn about the virtual world.
Thank you dear anonymous but this can harm the movement in the public eyes more than it is already harmed. I do not know if Anonymous cares about the Egyptian public or just like our elite activists they consider them surplus in the population !!


  1. I don't think you do understand what Anarchy is. Anarchy does not equal disorder, Anarchy does not equal riots, in fact it's the very act of Anarchy that protects homes and businesses during turmoil. You are like a naive 12 yr old who knows nothing about the world and sees everything from her Barbie doll's perspective.

    Many ignorant tools like yourself think Anarchy in Arabic means "fawda" or "foudawia", the actual translation from Greek means "la-soltawia" and this has nothing to do with chaos or other dumb ideas you might have in your small empty head and explaining that term alone to a massive airhead like you is beyond my patience and time. Anarchism is not your definition of lawless state written in your capitalist-printed word definition loo-paper.

    Why don't you read more instead of writing this load of rubbish.

  2. read and learn, fill up that empty head with something:

    Tu comentario será visible tras la aprobación.

  3. Look at it another way Zeinobia :

    People around the world have loved the Lotus Revolution, have been inspired by it, and have pinned their hopes on it to clean the world of the International Criminal Gang who have taken over.

    SCAF has not lived up to its responsibilities as proclaimed trustees of The Revolution. They have not delivered.

    SCAF have been dragging their feet to reluctantly deliver drip by drip our demands while using excessive force, thugs, virginity tests, and torture on revolutionaries. 11000 civilians have been tried by military courts since Feb 11, while AMNDAWLA are free to practise their art of sectarian division, and the old media perpetuates the same old lies to sabotage The Revolution. Where is SCAF?

    SCAF has nothing to do with the Egyptian Army. SCAF are a bunch of senile generals sitting on 20 year old chairs given them by the Makhlo3.

    Free Peoples of the World have a right to believe that The Lotus Revolution is theirs too. Anonymous provided vital internet services during the communications blackout.

  4. strangely, that "declaration of war" is in English as if to prove that this is foreign intervention. It is so obvious that my guess is that Mubarak's children are behind this, aiming to discredit the revolution.

    as to your remark, dear Z., are the people positive about the army AND the generals? I don't think the army leaders are enjoying lots of sympathy. Those generals have been fraternizing with Mubarak for the last 30 years. They are one of a kind.

  5. Yogi, air head extra-ordinaire

    Trying to lecture somone on the definition of theoretical anarchy is the most pointless, brainless thing you will ever do in your life.

    You have no authority because, within the Anarchy model, even trying to LECTURE your knowledge to anyone goes against what it states. Doing so makes your anarchy model cease.

    You're so self consumed in your obssesion with the definition, you failed to comment on any other part of the article.

    Zeinobia has every right to write 'one' word containing the word anarchy, which translates to and from any language just fine. Its taken from the context of the modern English 'spoken' (on the streets) definition meaning, unlawful.

    Regarding Anonymous, I think the timing could be better

  6. I agree it is important to create a smart opposition to SCAF that could get the support of the Egyptian people no alienate them

  7. http://themoornextdoor.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/vague-thoughts-on-arab-uprisings-iii/

    # The Egyptian military has acted as more as a replacement for the old regime than a transitional caretaker since the overthrow of Mubarak. Having been a key pillar in the old regime and having quite strong populist credentials the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has continued many of the tactics and methods used by the former government to contain popular “excesses” by taking measures to curb protests, punishing demonstrators and using the urban poor against demonstrators. The SCAF has taken on a strongly bonapartist tendency, inciting the popular classes against the secular protest movements in Tahrir by blaming the “revolutionaries” for the country’s economic slow down and for obstructing a return to normalcy. There is a heavy degree of defensive and even vulgar populism in the SCAF’s treatment of protesters and its other opponents and critics physically and rhetorically. Despite the Mubarak trial and numerous other arrests of high profile regime figures, it is unlikely that what has gone on in Egypt since January 2011 can be called a “revolution” so much as an evolution of the previous regime or even a coup. For those with revolutionary agendas, the military’s significant popular prestige is a major obstacle to meaningful political or economic change at the structural level. The Egyptian situation reveals that although demonstrators in Tahrir were able to put the regime in crisis and force it to cut off some fat, they did not divide the elite so significantly that they were left truly vulnerable to the pressure of activists and civil society groups. The Egyptian uprising came with relatively vague objectives and ran up against a regime with a number of middle man social and political buffers between the deep regime and the masses — the labyrinth of security services and police, the public “civilian” regime figures and so on. This meant that a solid program of action never emerged from “the bottom” and that the core institutions of the old regime have basically remained in place.#

  8. So your theory is this - don't fight the SCAF too strongly or they will get angry.
    In the end all you ever advocate is compliance with what the SCAF wants!
    (time for you to abandon your sentimental attachment to these unworthy soldiers!)

    Don't be so apologetic for having connections with foreign movements, there are many people all over the world who believe in freedom, who really do, and want to see the Egyptians free and independent, even at the expense of the self interest of their own countries! So who cares what the SCAF say about any alliance, the important thing is that it hits them where it hurts!
    it's a strategy of the SCAF to weaken the revolution by detaching native revolutionaries from their foreign supporters - it's an easy thing to do in Egypt becasue of the rampant nationalsim here (if the army can get the people to believe that the revolution is un-egyptian they will have defeated it becasue nationalism is more powerful than a love of freedom in Egypt).
    We are all vulnerable to accusations for our enemies but if we heed those accusations, our enemies have defeated us. Egyptians need to be proud of their involvement with foreigners who support the revolution - I am a foreigner and I love this country far more than any member of the SCAf, and my vision for this country will bring more justice, freedom and equality than any Egyyptian army officer is capable of even conceiving! Who is the enemy of Egypt?

  9. You always had anarchy in Egypt anyway, you had no economic regulation and no accountability. It was like the age of the vikings, pillage and plundering on the sea shores (of the red sea). The vikings were the friends of the regime, rampaging among the worthy, and largely defenseless citizens
    It's disappointing how many simplistic notions (propogandistic reductions of reality) pass for truth in Egypt and are defended by bloggers.
    Freedom is easy to understand, any one who has been in prison knows what it is.

  10. resistance is a must but we must be smart right now most of the people in egypt are supporting the army so u need to prove them wrong before you fight them
    hacking them will only make people feel like the whole country is being attacked by a foreign power and that 6th of april movement really is a foreign movement funded by outsiders


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