Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sinai Follow up : did we withdraw our Ambassador in tel Aviv or did we not !? "Updated"

So I woke up on another statement that was issued by the cabinet that seemed to be a draft sent by mistake to the media !!
That draft statement included a very important decision that would have pleased millions of Egyptians : Recalling the Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv till Israel officially to Egypt.
This statement was too good to be true as the cabinet allegedly claims that this was a draft statement that was leaked and it is not the final statement despite it has been featured all over the world in few hours. The statement was better than the first one issued late last night according to Al Ahram Arabic portal and Original Dostor website.
The statement before it became a draft
By Zeinab Samir 
Is this another test balloon ? Already how a leaked statement reaches to international media like Reuters and it turns to be a mistake. Already Israeli media has announced the news as the main news of the day there and there are currently negotiations accordingly in Tel Aviv about what should happen next. “Haaretz and YNet News’ front page 
Ynet front page 
The big irony the Egyptian TV is discussing the implications of withdrawing our ambassador so I do not understand what is going to be honest. The Arabic portal in Al Ahram says that we did not withdraw whereas the English Portal of Al Ahram says that we withdrew our ambassador !!
In front of the Israeli embassy
Currently SCAF is still having a meeting for Sinai and our youth has turned the embassy’s street in to another Tahrir square since yesterday. There are rumors that the Israeli ambassador Itzhak Levanon has left the country despite yesterday he allegedly appeared on Israeli TV and said that he would not leave Cairo and demanded more security from Egypt.
Anyhow Al Ahram Arabic portal has published from short awhile ago that Levanon returned back to Cairo from Tel Aviv along with former ambassador to Cairo Shalom Cohen , that currently responsible for the Egyptian-Israeli relations in the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs after a meeting in Tel Aviv to discuss the current situation. The new Portal claims that the two ambassadors were not allowed to use the VIP lounge.
If the news of withdrawing our ambassador is true , well it will not be the first time as some may think because we withdrew our ambassador from Tel Aviv during the second Intifada and during the invasion of Lebanon.
On the other hand the Egyptian tweeps are extremely angry from Sharaf and SCAF again because of the draft statement thing. There is currently hashtag “Meswadda” which means "Draft" full of attack , sarcasm and hate as well.
Here is the first statement issued by the cabinet read by minister of information Osama Heikal.
Osama Heikal reads cabinet Statement
Update : 

  • Israel states that it has not been notified by the Egyptian decision to recall the Ambassador officially.
  • Our Egyptian Consul in Eilat has sent his condolences to the IDF regarding those IDF soldiers who were killed !!!!!!!!! 
  • Now sources in the ministry of foreign affairs say that Egypt may recall the ambassador for deliberation !! 
  • Sources in Egypt also speak about American pressures or rather promises for SCAF to withdraw the second statement that Israel will apologize as required in the first statement. 

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