Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sorry seems the hardest word for Israel but We Want “Apologize”

Israel never apologizes when it comes to its mistakes and crimes committed against other countries like Turkey and Egypt , it is a rule we  but it seems that this rule  will change.

Israeli minister of defense Ehud Barak announced from while ago that Israel is sorry over the  Egyptian policemen deaths during clashes according to AP while Haaretz says that he said that Israel regrets the death of the policemen by Israeli fires. Other sources say that Barak expressed his sorrow over the death of the policemen in Egypt. Wording plays a critical role here.

Of course translation here plays a critical role , there is difference between “Israel is sorry” and ‘He is sorry” or “Israel is sorry” and “Israel apologizes” not to mention “Israel regrets”.

Netanyahu is going to address the matter in a speech according to press leaks. 

Israel is in a very critical position now because according to the Multinational Forces and Observers report about incident Israel violated Camp David twice : When the Israeli forces crossed the borders and when the IDF opened their fires in point 79 where an Egyptian police man was killed by Israeli fires.

The MFO enforces the forensic reports of Al Arish hospital that our policemen were shot down directly and were not hit by missiles as it was claimed earlier.

This is a violation for the Camp David Accords. 

The Israelis have to understand the days of Mubarak is over. 

Currently I am facing internet connection problems so I apologize if there is a lack in update.

The Israeli government has asked the Israeli citizens to leave Sinai.


  1. I am afraid you are missing the point.

    We know that Israel is opposing our revolution. We just watched Field marshal Tantawi's most cordial meeting with Ehud Barak. We know that the SCAF is on USA's (Israel's) pay roll.

    So what better can happen to distract us from our revolution than some quarrel with Israel. Forgotten are the demands of the martyrs, forgotten are the military tribunals.

    Egyptians and the army are one hand against Israel and soon we will forgive Mubarak and his family, while we focus on Israel.

    It is all a ruse. The Egyptian Ambassador would return to Egypt anyway (for the Eid) so now they have something to show to the people, how strong and sovereign they are! Of course this is all prearranged with Israel.

    And while we are distracted - Mubarak's children are getting stronger and stronger.

  2. Israel and Egypt have a shared interest in preventing Iranian-backed militias, based in Gaza, from filling the power vacuum in the Sinai.

    Fog of war. No one on the Israeli or Egyptian side seems to know exactly what happened, moment-by-moment, during the attack. Were the attackers wearing Egyptian army uniforms? Did Egyptian troops, seeing persons in Egyptian army uniforms engaged in combat, join in? The claim, by the North Sinai governor, that the attackers didn't come from the Egyptian side, is almost certainly false.

    Eighty rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel yesterday. A young child was killed. The rockets didn't arrive by sea, because there is a Big Injustice naval blockade of Gaza. The were shipped overland via Egypt. Is Egypt going to apologize to Israel? Didn't think so.

  3. @Anonymous 8/20/2011 10:37:00 PM
    I agree with your conclusion, 'Wagging the dog' is definitely in play between the SCAF, US and Israel because you can cut off the head (Mubarak) but the rest of the body he build over 31 years is well and alive.

  4. The people in the street, all want to sacrifice their blood and souls and be martyrs.
    Someone has to be an adult.

    An unwinnable conflict with Israel means good-bye to the $2 billion per year that America pays to Egypt to sweeten the 1979 peace treaty. Good-bye to Red Sea tourism. Good-bye to Suez Canal traffic/tolls. Good-bye to energy sales to Israel and Jordan. It also means, good-bye to the Tahrir Square reform movement, for another fifty years.

  5. The "cold peace" is a violation of the Camp David accord, in which Egypt agreed to normalize relations with Israel--- if you really care about "violations." "Normalization" means 1)an end to incitement, 2)free trade/travel acoss the border with Egyptians free to visit Israel (the Israeli government allows Israelis to visit Egypt).

    The Egyptian public loved Mubarak for violating the treaty because No American/Yahud Tells An Arab What To Do. America and Israel have preferred to ignore minor Egyptian violations so long as the overall peace is upheld.

    It is a fixed point of reference in Arab politics that, the deposed Head Thug was secretly a friend of Israel. The new Head Thug is going to be realy tough on those Israeli "pigs and monkeys". Waiting for the day when Nasrallah falls. The gyrations in the Arab press will be amusing.

    The masses demand a Punch & Judy show. Might as well give it to them. Costs less than dealing with people, as if they were adults.


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