Friday, August 26, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The biggest crime in the world “Graphic +18”

Today is the lonely Friday in Ramadan or rather the orphaned Friday in Ramadan or the Patience Friday in Syria. The protests are back at Mosques and squares through out Syria so is the death machine that does not want to stop. The snipers are back on the roof tops , the shabiha are back , the tanks are back but the revolution does not stop and insh Allah it will not stop with all this intimidation. The protesters have one demand now : The people want to execute the president.
The protests are in Daraa, Hauran, Aleppo , Reef Dimshaq, Homs , Hama , Deir ez Zor , Idlib and Damascus along other areas and places.
Damascus : Umbrellas protest
Aleppo : No Iran and No Hezbollah , the people want to execute the president
Homs : Praying for victory
Idilb : The patience protest
Reef Dimshaq : Harasta protest
Deir ez Zor : The people want to execute the president
Daraa : The people hanged the president already
Today also the Syrian tweeps are having a new campaign on twitter to support the revolution : #WakeUPUNSC.
Of course the security crack down is on. Here are couple of videos from Homs , El Qusair where the security forces opened its fires against the protesters
Homs : Security forces open its fire
Homs : Protesters taking shelter
Reef Dimshaq : Gunmen over rooftops
Russia Today is trying to prove that what is taking place in Syria is staged and that all these terrible clips like Youssef El Khatib , baby Layal and all other martyrs through out Syria from north to south are fake !!
Russia Today : Staged Syria !!
Russia Today is repeating the Russian lies in order to stand with the regime and not with the people. Needless to say conspiracy theories websites are repeating this video report as a smoking gun , I can’t accept this because as an Arab I know what happened in 1982 was not fake and what is happening in 2011
There are no traitors in Syria except the regime itself that sold the Golan literally , that has been raping and killing
Russia does not know what is losing foolishly , this is not Egypt that it lost in 1970s because this time insh Allah the Syrian people will not forget how Russia stood with El Assads since 1970s against them , since the 1970s the Syrians have been killed by Russian arms and tanks and they will not forget it. The Russian arms will no longer in Syria insh Allah after this except when the Russian administration apologize to the Syrian people.
Same thing will be applied to China and to Iran.
The attack on famous cartoonist Ali Farzat by the security forces made headlines around the globe. The U.S state department has issued a statement to condemn the attack yesterday. The sad irony is that the DPress News website following the regime claims that he was attacked by these “militant gangs” !! If Damascus got “militant gangs” then this regime can’t protect the country , then it has to leave. It is as simple as that. Farzat was abducted and beaten by masked regime thugs who kept yelling at him while beating to stop insulting his masters !!
Strangely according to Syrian friends the Umayyad Space is full of security whether under covered or not. In the official report the Syrian police could not arrest or stop the attack , in the unofficial report the police knew what was going on and did not remove a muscle which is unsurprisingly unfortunately in Syria.
Many people around the globe have been introduced to his cartoons and visited his official website, the thing which led the site to crash from time to time as I expected.
His condition is painful , I do not think Farzat will draw any cartoons sooner but his previous work is enough.

Here is a video clip from the hospital where Farzat was transferred that was exclusively aired on Al Arabiya.
Damascus : Ali Farzat in hospital
Here is Farzat’s before the attack.
Ali Fazrat before the attack
Here is the last cartoon he made in his website.

I think he was attacked because of the cartoon about Qaddafi and El Assad JR. I saw it some where, I will try to find it and post it here. Updated : Here is the cartoon.
Auto Stop
Now moving from Mr. Farzat whom I wish that the first cartoon he will draw soon insh Allah will be a cartoon about ousted president Bashar El Assad and free Syria , the free great Syria.
Egyptian cartoonists reacted to the attack
Here is Ahmed Nady
El Assad : Draw me beautiful
Ali Fazrat : This pen did not beautify your father and
it will not beautify a slayer like you 
and here is Yara Kassem
Yara Kassem
Now the following clips below are extremely graphic , they were allegedly shot in Hama on August 4th, 2011 during the horrible massacre of Hama 2. If you remember there were rumors that babies were killed in the neonatal unit in El Assad hospital in Hama due to the electricity cut and we could not know if these rumors were true or not especially electricity and communications were cut from the city during that time. Unfortunately the rumors were true and 6 babies died due to the electricity in the city.
The following footage  are extremely horrible , if you can’t watch please do not.
Hama : Babies died due to the electricity cut in neonatal unit
Hama : 6 babies died due to the electricity cut in neonatal unit
Hama : 6 babies died due to the electricity cut in neonatal unit
I do not know where they were buried.
The Syrian authorities are still detaining children from protests , are still abducting children from their families to punish and blackmail their fathers. Here is a Facebook group made for 15 years old Nour Dandashi from Talkalah who was arrested in his home town on August 19,2011.
Now the Libyans in London did not forget Syria , here is the Syrian flag besides the Libyan at the embassy of Libya there. “By Iman Bazzi


  1. walla we get bored ...come close and see clearly what happen in Syria
    It is Not Revolution and Not Peaceful … This is Armed Terrorist Groups

  2. Syria will be free very soon, inshallah. Even though the world is silent, Allah is with the rebels of Syria. Bashar is going down.


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