Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Military operations stopped in Hama but the death machine is still on

The Syrian government announced that the military operation to restore what they called security and stability has ended today !!! t is worth to mention that the Turkish Ambassador paid a visit to Hama , may be this is why couple of tanks and army vehicles moved and disappeared for a while from the city.

Strangely the video clips show that there are still army troops in the city today.

Hama : 10/8 Tanks are still in the city

Hama : 10/8 Tanks in the city !!

Hundreds have been killed since the beginning of the holy month , thousands have been injured since the 1st of August in Hama only !! Tens have been killed today as usual from men , women , elderly and children across the Syria. It has become like a norm unfortunately.

The tanks may be left Hama , parts from Hama but there are spreading through out the Syrian towns in different governorates.

The night protests are still going strong across the country , the defiance of the Syrian people is amazing despite all the intimidation they face by that terrorist regime of Baath regime.

Now regarding the former Syrian minister of defense’s murder , it turns out he is a live and kicking as he appeared today on Syrian TV to deny the rumor and to say why he left his job. Ali Habib is claiming that he left his position because of his health problems.

The Egyptian minister of foreign affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr stated today the Syrian issue has reached the point of no return. Amr is already visiting Turkey and Germany and without doubt the Syrian issue is on the top of the issues he will discuss in Ankara

Abdel Halim Khaddam is attacking Egypt for not recalling its ambassador from Damascus and sending a new one , well I can accept this blame from anyone except Khaddam. Khaddam is just like Safwat El Sherif , he should be prosecuted for corruption crimes against Syrian people.

Now here is a video for the Syrians in Saudi Arabia removing the photos of Bashar El Assad from the office of Syrian Airlines in Khobar city.

Khobar : Removing Bashar El Assad photos.

Today one of the News Syrian YouTube channels “Ugarit News” was closed for couple of hours because thank God Andy Carvin was here to rescue not less than 8000 video clips exposing the crimes of El Assad regime online as he contacted YouTube and explained to them that the importance of this channel. It was back but this can happen to any other Syrian YouTube channel or Facebook Page. I think the Syrians abroad should download these clips and keep a backup. These video clips are important in future trials for those criminals of El Assad.

The Turkish prime minister Erdogan has given El Assad regime 15 days maximum to start its political reforms and stop its death machine. I do not know what will happen after the 15 days actually. Are the Turks going to invade Syria and liberate it from El Assad or what !?

Deir ez Zor is still under attack. Here is a minaret of Othman Mosque shelled by the tanks and artillery in the city.

Here is the house of old politician Jassem Alwan in Deir ez Zor after it was raided by El Assad’s security forces. Jassem Alwan led a failed coup against El Baath regime n 1963 and he was facing a death sentence but president Nasser interfered and he was extradited to Cairo where he lived in exile in 1964. Later he moved to UAE. In 2005 he was allowed to return back to Syria.

The raid on Jassem Alwan’s house

The thugs destroyed the photo of Alwan with late president Nasser of Egypt. Alwan is an old man , I do not know why they pick on him but I will not be surprised as a true Syrian he is taking part even a small one in encouraging the youth to revolt.

Another house destroyed by El Assad’s bitches , oh yes El Assad’s bitches who call themselves , El’Assad’s cubs “The lion’s cubs !!”

Deir ez Zor : El Assad’'s bitches were here !!

By the way there is a campaign in Egypt to collect one million signature to expel the Syrian ambassador , despite its importance I am afraid there is no much use because Youssef El Ahmed actually has left Cairo in what is claimed to be a family vacation, I think it is an open vacation.

Back to Homs the security forces use a technique to force the men to surrender themselves : Abduct their kids as hostages !!! 

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