Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Syrian Revolution : Our Ambassador to Damascus may go and may not go

From three days ago  the anniversary of Al Mashraq neighborhood massacre passed , Al Mashraq neighborhood massacre took place in Aleppo where tens of Syrian civilians were killed by El Baath/El Assad security forces on August 8th,1980. It was on morning of Eid Al-Fitr. The massacre was during the terrible siege of Aleppo and that war El Assad Sr. declared on the Syrian people because of the Muslim brotherhood. Not less than 85 civilians were killed on that day.
Today is the second day in Erdogan’s 15 days permit to the Syrian regime to stop their operations against the Syrian people and to start its reforms !! Not less than 275 civilians have been killed by El Assad’s death machine in the past 11 days without including Hama and Deir ez Zor as there is communication blackout and we can’t get a full grim picture of what has been take place there.
@1:45 PM Cairo Local time Not less than 10 martyrs from civilians have been reportedly killed across Syria by the security forces. Not less than 5 civilians were killed in Homs where Reinforcement have been sent there to specifically Baba Omar neighborhood. There are fears already that there is some sort of military operation taking place in Homs. The security forces have already isolated Al-Qusayr city in Homs from the world. They have reportedly cut the water and electricity along with telecommunication. The Mosques were not allowed to hold prayers so far. There is also reportedly house to house search and arrest. Facebook pages speaks about 10s of the martyrs there currently.
There are security deployment as well reported in Hauran.
The Syrian Arab army stormed Saraqeb town in Idlib arresting not less than 100 civilian 
@2:54 PM Cairo Local time there are random arrests taking place currently in one of villages in Hauran.
There is heavy gunfire heard in several areas in Homs
Diplomatic sources told Al Ahram Online Arabic portal that the fate of the new Egyptian ambassador to Damascus is still unknown , up till now he is still in Cairo and it seems that SCAF is having another thought especially after the criticism it has received. Yesterday our FM Mohamed Amr escalated for the first time from Egypt’s criticism to Syria and thus some are speculating that Egypt may not send our new ambassador to Damascus.
I believe it is not about sending our ambassador but rather our position , we should be more loud than that.
The US imposed more sanctions on the Syrian banks while there is online petition to the EU to impose sanctions on Syrian oil exports.

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