Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Syrian Revolution : The Ramadan Massacre goes on "Updated"

If the Mubarak’s trial was the trial of the century then what is taking place in the city Hama is considered the massacre of the century by all measures in the Arab region.
The city is out of the world currently since last weekend , no electricity nor water nor telecommunications.Prayers are stopped again in the mosques of the city , it is the first time since the grand massacre in 1982. The new coming from the city say that the tanks are deployed from one place to another in the city.
Here is a video allegedly filmed on August 5th from Hama showing tanks attacking residential areas.
Hama : Tanks attack
Here is a video from the city allegedly filmed on August 6th showing a part of the city after the tanks’ constant shelling.
Hama : After the shelling of the city
It looks to me a ghost city !!
Here is a video shot on August 5th ,2011 in the morning from Hama not from a war zone !!
Hama : A war zone scene
This is not Palestine , it is Hama on August 5th,2011
Hama : In Syria not in Palestine !!
Here is a video shot on August 1st,2011 showing the buildings in the city , the residential buildings after the heavy shelling.
Hama : Buildings after the army attack
Just like there is Giza in Daraa , there is a quarter in the city of Hama called Al Arbin “like our famous square in Suez” and here is one of the apartment after there after the attack.
Hama : An apartment at Al Arbin quarter !!
This is how the people of Hama celebrated Ramadan !!
Hama : Before the breakfast !!
This video from the city on August 1st,2011 shows the destruction caused by the shelling !!
Hama on August 1st
This video is also from August 1st ,2011 showing types of the ammunition used against the civilians.
Hama : The type of ammunitions used against civilians
The death toll according to some source is reaching 300 , of course this can be optimistic estimation considering the horror we read and hear from eye witnesses and those who escaped on how whole families are being killed in their attempt to flee the city. Here is an early list of martyrs’ names.
Here is a video showing the bodies of two truck drivers killed outside Hama allegedly by the security forces. “Graphic”
Outside Hama : Even truck drivers !!
The people are insisting to keep their revolution peaceful despite this genocide. Here is a video from Deir Ez Zor showing the protesters pledging to keep the revolution peaceful on August 4th,2011
Deir Ez Zor : A pledge for peaceful revolution
The people of Rastan in Reef Dimshaq in August 5th,2011 gathered food supplies and aid to Hama in a beautiful scene.
El Rastan : Gathering food supplies and aid to
The army is still attacking other cities and villages across Syria to end the revolution violently day and night. The brave Syrians are still protesting at night after the Taraweeh prayers. It became a daily routine , a daily news to hear that a man or a woman or even a child was killed here or there by the security forces of the regime thugs or by the army.
There is a campaign among young Syrians not to serve in the Syrian army online. I do not know how effective this campaign is considering that the army is currently killing the youth that should serve it , I do not know how to put it but the army is killing its future recruits already.
We will not serve in an army that kills us
More political dissidents and activists are being arrested everyday like for instance Walid El Bunni along his sons as well.
The people of Kuwait made a wonderful protest yesterday at the Syrian embassy in Kuwait demanding the expel of the Syrian ambassador from their country.
Kuwait : A protest to expel Syrian ambassador
This protest made me forget the insults we got from some Kuwaitis supporting Mubarak following his trial.
Hundreds of Egyptian and Syrian protesters as well protested in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo as well.
Egypt with Syria one hand
The Syrian ambassador in Cairo “Youssef El Ahmed” left the country already last week in what the Syrian ministry of foreign affairs claimed to be a family vacation. It is worth to mention that El Ahmed is married to Bashar’s cousin. I said it before and I will say it again.
Officially the GCC has called the Syrian government to stop the bloodshed in Syria , Cairo is busy so is the LAS !!
Let’s us not fool ourselves , the world is not interested in helping Syria because Syria got no oil plus Israel will lose a neighbor that is good only in talking and screaming , El Assad did not actually impose a real danger to Israel after ignoring the Golan heights for more than 30 years. Hafiz El Assad unleashed the hell in 1982 in his war against the Muslim brotherhood , a war that he did not dare to unleash to restore back his land and his son actually was just like him. Any elected nationalist democratic government or president in Syria will demand the return of Golan heights.
The Father and son
The dirty legacy !!

Now speaking about Hama massacre in 1982 , I would like to hint out that Rifaat El Assad is still alive and kicking in Europe , specifically in London along his son. Rifaat El Assad is a war criminal , a real war criminal and is responsible of the genocide that took place in 1982. The least thing the civilized world can do to the Syrians is to arrest and to prosecute that man , it is enough that the world kept its shut all those years on what happened in Hama in 1982 and here we are in 2011 a déjà vu !!
Update : 
There is a huge military operation currently taking place in Deir Ez Zor in less 24 hours of the youth pledge to keep it a peaceful revolution !! Not less than 200Tanks are all over the city since the early morning and according to the early estimations not less than 38 civilians have been killed so far including 2 months baby !! Helicopters are reportedly being used in Deir Ez Zor. There are currently huge protests currently in the city that are met with army attack in the streets of Deir Ez Zor.

There is another military assault taking place as well in the Homs , this extremely terrible graphic video was allegedly shot from couple of hours ago at Hula in Homs showing the remaining of a human being. Not less than 8 were reportedly killed in Hula so far


  1. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
    ربنا ينتقم من بشار الكلب

    في اخبار ان الناتو بيخطط لعملية في سوريا
    ربنا يستر

  2. I am neither Arab nor Muslim, but I have been following events as a human being...Peace be upon you all.

  3. 7asbi Allah w na3m el wakeel ,rabna yansorhom ya's too sad to see this massacre in this holy month :((((( n as Arabs we should do anything to help them be4 Nato go there n make it like Libya!!!


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