Friday, August 19, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Step Down Bashar El Assad “Graphic +18”

And at last Obama said the magical words : Bashar El Assad should step down !! U.S President Barack Obama has issued a very strong statement regarding Syria telling Bashar El Assad to step down and issuing more economic sanctions on Syrian regime including a block to the assets of the Syrian government in the States.
The huffington post front page yesterday 
Now USA, UK , France and Germany are now officially calling El Assad to step down. Switzerland has recalled its ambassador while Japan has recalled its ambassador and told El Assad to step down.Australia is imposing economic sanctions on Syria as well.
On the other hand the Syrian regime honored our former ambassador to Damascus !!By the way do you know that when Mohamed Radwan was released in Syria he was threatened not to mention one single word about the torture he suffered otherwise all the Egyptians they captured during that time will be killed.I think our former ambassador knows about this dirty threat. Russia is still standing with El Assad just like it is standing with Qaddafi. Iran as well is standing as El Assad as it is last ally in the Arab world , Iran is facing a huge accusation that it is participating actually along Hezbollah in cracking the revolution. Many Syrian activists believe that Iran has sent its snipers to kill the protesters. Of course such accusation needs a real smoking gun to prove it.
Of course if we have reached this point from the revolution, the Syrians themselves must plan for the future because it seems that El Assad insh Allah will not be able to continue. Yesterday there was a meeting for a group of Syrian opposition figures abroad in Doha. “I wish it were Cairo”
Officially El Assad regime informed the UN that it stopped its army’s operations in Latakia , of course this is what they have told the UN. On the ground it is another thing.Yesterday the UN reported that not less than 26 civilians have been killed in sports stadium in the city of Daraa. Today I found news that the UN will send another delegation to investigate the allegations against Syrian regime.According to Sources in Latakia the Syrian army is distributing money on Palestinians in the Raml refugee camp so they would accuse these imaginary militant groups of attacking the camp and to praise the Syrian army !!
LA time MENA blog published a testimony of a doctor about how the Syrian troops herded the citizens in to Latakia sports stadium and how they target Sunni neighbors in the city.
There are war crimes committed at the Latakia sports stadium according to news leaking from the city on how complete families where killed there and there have been distress calls yet now we are speaking about the matter !!
Here are couple of videos , extremely graphic videos showing a glimpse of what El Assad regime is committing against its own people.
This video below has become a viral in the Arab world especially it was aired on TV channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. It shows an alleged group of Syrian soldiers about 3 abusing detained citizens in a bus forcing them to praise El Assad.It is horrible.
Beating the detained citizens
Another video uploaded on August 18th showing the security thugs humiliating a detainee from Hama, forcing him to wear a veil and calling him names to insult him manhood.
 This video below was uploaded August 16,2011 showing a lady and her two kids after being killed by the security forces “Graphic +18”
Today there are the usual Friday protests across Syria in Reef Dimshaq , Deir ez Zor, Damascus,Hauran, Homs, Daraa, Hama, Aleppo, Harasta. Today is called the Friday of victory promises. “Syrians are so poetic”
Here is a protest at Al Hussien Mosque in Damascus.
Damascus : Ramadan 19th/August 19th
As usual the security forces are cracking down these protests by force. There is a reportedly new shelling in Homs.The Syrian army’s tanks stormed Hauran chasing the protesters according to leaks and there are heavy gun fire currently there.
Here is one of the martyrs in Hauran , late Imad El Koman who was shot in his head. “Graphic +18”
Hauran : Late Imad El Koman
There is a defected army unit from what I understand that being chased by the other army units. Not less than 4 civilians have been killed and 10 have been injured in Daraa so far.
The Syrian forces banned those younger than 55 years old from attending the Friday prayers in the city while the Syrian TV is highlighting on how the Israeli
The Time magazine got an Interesting report about the defected army officers and soldiers in Syria.
Half Syrian half Egyptian Ragada , the famous actress and activist is the official Amr Mustafa of Syria or to be accurate the Arab world after her interview with Tony Khalifa yesterday!!
Ragada : The great Hafiz El Assad
I want to hear “From Damascus” in our Egyptian TV and radio  I still have faith.
By the way I found out that Asmaa El Assad had a twitter account that has not been active since last October 2010. The Syrian activists are calling their brothers and sisters to stick Bashar El Assad’s photo on garbage bins.
P.S Syrian activists are saying that the attack of Eilat and what followed it from incidents in Sinai are actually made by El Assad’s Palestinian groups allies in order to create tension and chaos in the region.
If Bashar El Assad is behind all this , I think SCAF should have a better position , a better stand on the same level of his action.
Update : 
The death toll increased in to 18 civilians according to activists in Daraa , Homs and Harasta
Here is a video s from Harasta from short while ago showing how the protests are being cracked violently and how the security is using live ammunition.
Here is a graphic video from Homs showing an injured hit by a sniper.
Here is a video from Hama showign the attack of security forces after the prayer today
There are big protests in Qamshili
The Qamshili protest 
Here is a protest in Idlib today
Here is another protest from Daraa
Here is a protest from Hama
Here is a protest from Hauran
People are not afraid
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  2. Good general round-up on Syria, Zeinobia. By the way, you have incredible resources. Is there much you don't know? Asma El-Assads Facebook account- inactive! How about that.

    What is not in dispute is that the protests are widespread, ongoing and large. Assads response has also been obvious for quite some time. Iran?
    They may have personnel in Syria or not? It makes no difference. They have been involved in a 20-yr joint anti-USA, anti-Israel project. Both dictatorships have been mutually supportive diplomatically,economically and militarily. No doubt about that. Hizbullah fighters vacation in Iran with their families while maintaining offices & residences in Damascus. His Royal Highness King Assad & His Blessed Majesty Emperor Khamenei are very close.Tension between Egypt & Israel? Good for Assad. Good for Iran.The more tension the better. Christains & Allawites are worried about Jihadists & Salafists when Assad goes. Remember even US Army could not protect Christians in Iraq, many have fled because their Muslim Brothers could not tolerate their existence. This is the typical fate of minorities but I can't understand why millions should be enslaved because of this risk.Anyway the protests can't be stopped except by mass murder which no-one can justify.


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