Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Syrian revolution : The turn is on Latakia now

Today is the fourth day from the Turkish 15 days permit given to El Assad regime in order to stop its death machine and to start a real democratic reforms !!

Today is another day where the El Assad death machine has continued to kill more civilians. Up till now “@5:47 PM Cairo Local time” the death toll according to human rights activists has reached to 7 and their geographical breakdown is as follow : 4 in Homs , 1 in Hama , 1 in Daraya “Reef Dimshaq” and 1 in Latakia. Of course I expect the death toll is higher than that unfortunately.

The Syrian army has already stormed the city of Latakia and sooner it will storm Homs as the Syrian TV is preparing us for another massacre through its official Facebook page. “ Good news : The army is purging Latakia from militant gangs and sooner it will do the same in Homs !!”

According to eye witnesses not less than 20 cars following the security forces are roaming certain areas in Latakia and arrest people randomly. There has been reportedly a huge detention campaign for civilians at the Slaibeh quarter in the city. Sound of huge were reportedly heard in the city.

Here is a video showing the army checkpoint at El Raml area in Latakia earlier today.

Latakia : Army Check point at El Raml area

Another video showing the army at the Chalets area in Latakia.

Latakia : Army at Chalets area

The Syrian army has not left Homs yet , there are still units terrorizing the people in the governorate. There are tanks still stationed in the city of Hula.

Homs : Tanks stationed in Hula besides martyrs mosque !! 13/8

The security forces and thugs have stormed the city of Tseel in Daraa where they vandalized private properties and arrested a group of civilians to terrorize the people there.

Here is video showing the house of Fatimah Adib from Doma who was killed in her own house by snipers while she was reading Holy Quran !!

Doma : The House of Martyr Fatimah Karim

The Syrian TV announced that Syria has recalled its ambassadors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain along all other countries that recalled its ambassadors from Damascus to object those countries’ interfere in Syria’s internal affairs and their support to the militant groups !!

Al Arabiya Channel showed a footage claimed to be bought by not less than 15,000 Syrian liras.

Bought by 15,000 Syrian Liras !1

That footage allegedly shows the security forces preparing some weapons cache in order to claim it is cache the security forces found with the so-called militias.

Here is a video showing a Syrian young man storming the Syrian airlines office in London to smash the photo of Bashar El Assad.

Smashing the photo of Bashar El Assad in London

A group of Syrian activists have launched an initiative for pilgrims currently doing the Ramadan Omra to do an Omra for the Syrian martyrs , it is wonderful initiative without doubt.

Now back in Cairo a group of prominent Egyptian activists and politicians like Dr. Tarek El-Bishry , Moatez Abdel Fatah , Tamim El-Barghouti and Nadr El Sayid are going to have a Day in solidarity with Syria event next Tuesday at Al Azhar conference center. Dr. Haitham Mana will be among the Syrian speakers.

P.S :

  • Where are the Egyptian Liberals from the Day in solidarity with Syria event !?
  • Why can’t we make this Omra idea for our Egyptian revolution martyrs !?

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  1. Since no country has any influence with Assad except for possibly Iran, we can only watch with horror while the Army attacks the population. The Allawite reconquest is up against the amazing resolve of the protesters. The protesters are standing on sure ground, a better Syria is possible, so that this kind of stupid disgrace never occurs again.


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