Saturday, August 13, 2011

Welcome Back Army in North Sinai

The Egyptian army is officially in North Sinai once again , it has returned back to Al Arish after decades of official absence. I think the last time the Egyptian army had been in Al Arish in this way was pre-5th of June 1967.
Yesterday the army tanks and helicopters along infantry forces from the Eastern military zone aka 2nd army reached the city to protect it along with the police after what happened in North Sinai couple of weeks ago from attacks from unknown radical militants. Al Masry Al Youm and Youm 7 claimed that these army enforcements are actually part of a security operation code named “Eagle operation”. That operation is in cooperation with the police to fight so called Al Qaeda’s cell/ Salafi militants in North Sinai.
Mohamed Fadel, CNN’s reporter in North Sinai posted yesterday’s morning two snap shots for army tanks heading to Al Arish.
A tank carried on the way
"Repent 11"

A tank on the road
"Repent 11"
The governor of North Sinai Major General Abdel Wahab Mabrook dened these claims calling what Al Masry Al Youm Daily and Youm 7 published media fabrication insisting that the army will not go to the mounts to fight with anybody adding that the Salafists are peaceful in the governorate.
Mabrook : Army enforcements to protect vital institutions in the governorate
Mabrook has not commented yet about the CNN’s report which is based on military and intelligence forces in Egypt. We do not understand for real what is taking place in Sinai concerning these unknown militias thanks to the constant heritage of Mubarak’s regime to create pseudo enemies of foreign cells.
Anyhow I do not care if it is for Eagle operation or not , I do not care if it is temporary or  not “I believe it will not be temporary” , I only want to enjoy the moment that my Egyptian army is back in Al Arish once again.
Huge number of  Palestinians reportedly have returned back to Palestinian Rafah through tunnels in the past 48 hours.
Israel has broken the Camp David accords with its violations over the years across our borders , it has been more than 20 years and officially Israel is just like any foreign country with normal relations with Egypt.
Some people wonder what will be the Israeli reaction , I am too lazy to check Israeli websites and blogs tonight.
People are extremely happy with the return of the army to North Sinai and hope that it will return back to the whole peninsula to do its real job. We do not seek war with anyone on the contrary , we just want to have a real country with full sovereignty. 
You can follow CNN’s Mohamed Fadel Fahmy aka Repent 11 in Al Arish now , he is from the team that says that there are militants in Sinai.
Welcome back again ,welcome home Egyptian army.


  1. Gr8 news , u actually made my day :D
    since i have read somewhere that isreal also spread ed some troops on their side of the borders

  2. Sorry to blow your bubble but it's very naive to assume any army mobilisation in Sinai's zone C is without consent and approval from the US, Israel and the multinational force.

  3. "...we just want to have a real country with full sovereignty..."
    OMG and here we go again! You still have not ended the Mubarak regime, you don't even know if you will end as Islamic Republic of Egypt but you love your little war games with Israel.

    Just go to war with them if you love that so much. They will spank you again as always.

    With that mind set you will never become a civilized country and stay a failed state. I feel sorry for those millions of honest peaceful Egyptians, who just want a decent and peaceful life and find themselves dragged into useless conflicts by war mongers as you.

  4. Biggest warmongers

    1) USA

    2) Israel

  5. @Anonymous er,how does full sovereignty translate to war games? how does an army fighting radical extremists become a threat and a call for war against Israel? in fact the army is doing Israel a favour as those terrorists are as much threat to Israel as to Egypt.

    Egypt is a developing country with several malaises and corruption issues but far from being a failed state, . A failed state is a country with no institutions and civil war like Somalia. Get over your hate and paranoia.

  6. I hope that our Armed forces finalize this mission . Israeel must know that we can violating any agreements at any time to save our national security (Y)

  7. Speaking of sovereignty, Egypt had lost it the moment it started accepting financial aid. True Egypt is a developing country, however, hadn't it been for Mubarak's disastrous management of this country's affairs Egypt could be by far better of as it is today. So accepting the bribe was easy and the price is to get along with Israel.

    On the other hand, what is so bad about having normal relations with Israel? Let's put the record straight: Egypt has suffered in two wars with Israel while the other Arab nations were watching.
    It would be a piece of cake for Saudi Arabia to turn Palestine into a nice little Paradise. Why don't they help their Palestinian brothers and sisters? Why does Egypt have to play again the role of bullying Israel?

    Like it or not. Israel is there and it will stay, that's it.

  8. Bullying Israel? when did we bully Israel? in 1956 when we nationalised our Suez to finance the Aswan dam and Israel joined an aggressive attack condemned by the International community we were then bullying Israel ? in 1967 when the Israelis attacked our borders in what they claim was a preemptive attack? In 1973 when we tried to restore our land which was illegally occupied? When Israel at supposedly a time of truce attacked our civil factories and children schools we were bullying Israel?? Please do tell us when did Egypt bully Israel. And what financial aid are you talking about? don't confuse financial aid with military aid because since the late 80's there wasn't any real financial aid from the US or others.
    Israel isn't going to stay for long and without a single bullet fired it will vanish..even the most radical zionists with a good understanding of politics realise that. Israel is just like its ex-leader Sharon, living on life support. No matter how much you prolong its existence, the end is inevitable.

  9. bubble anonymous8/14/2011 04:36:00 PM

    O sovereignty you say

    The Israeli government approved the operation, which places Egyptian infantry, armored vehicles, and tanks in Sinai in contravention with the 1978 Camp David Accords.

    You are so cute and simple Zeinab :D, reminding me of how life was when I was in first grade.

  10. @Anonymous
    Lovely how one can look with two blind eyes at history. In 1956 it was not YOUR Suez. Egypt was broke and instead of going bankrupt stole the canal, but ok that can be justified as British colonization was not so nice either. 1967 was of course a justified preemptive strike - do not tell stories here about how peaceful Egypt and Syria were at this time. 1973 you tried to regain what you rightfully lost as you lost the war. But you lost again and if it had not been for Sadat you would be watching Sinai-Israel still from afar.

    If you don't know about financial aid just ask Faizah Abou Naga. Her entire Ministry isn't doing anything but channeling this aid into ...yeah into whose pockets, that is a good question indeed.
    I am sorry but I have to destroy your illusion: Egypt without foreign aid would be a basket case and may be it is even with foreign aid.

    Israel will stay because the West will keep it alive as long as it takes and there is no Arab state that will ever be able to change that.

    So rather than wasting time and resources by sending some toy soldiers into North Sinai you should focus on rebuilding your country, getting rid of your own religious zealots and try at least to grow up.

  11. Egyptians should actually admire Israel for being able to put their best Mossad spy ever (aka Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak) at the helm of Egypt's government for 30 years.

    Now you can bet whether he was (is) the only one ...

  12. If it's such a toy army why are you shitting in your pants with their mere mobilisation in their own territory even after approval with Israel in accordance to the peace treaty. I mean it's a toy army you shouldn't even care where they move or even bother to comment. Now if you don't shut up we'll send our army over to check the virginity of your female conscripts(they are very good at that)

    "Israel will stay as long as the West will keep it alive..."

    my point exactly and I got news for you, the west and particularly the US citizens are really fed up, you know they have economic problems of their own and the people don't want their tax money to go to murderous criminal racist gangs. sooner than you know it they will pull the plug and it will hit you like an earthquake. My advise to you is to start building your exodus ferries now!

  13. @Anonymous.
    I am not from Israel (but from the US) and u r obviously delusional. I am not shitting my pants because Egypt sends troops into Sinai (btw with permission from Tel Aviv) and I am not afraid of Egypt going to war with Israel, because the Egyptian army will not do such a crazy thing.

    I am concerned about this rhetoric that sovereignty has to go with hostility towards Israel. What good is it to indulge in this conflict that has brought more harm to Egypt than benefit? Egypt just cannot afford going to war, because it cannot print money (like the USA) to finance it and it has not the power to win it.

    As for Israel's female conscripts: You have no idea what those ladies would do to your toy soldiers, once it would come to showing stamina :)

    You misjudge the US reality. No President can rule against the Jewish lobby and the Bible belt. Obama learned that lesson the hard way. That is why Israel will stay and the West would rather pull the plug on the Arab world than abandoning Israel

  14. Sinai wasn't part of Egypt under the Ottomans. It was a part of Arabia (Western Arabia). The Bedouin who live there, still regard Egyptians as imperialists and exploiters.

    In 1952, Egypt seized the Suez Canal from Britain and France. (They built and operated it, until then.) Then, Egypt blockaded Eilat and closed the canal to Israeli shipping. Britain, France, and Israel invaded Sinai. The USA and USSR agreed that Egypt had gotten a bad deal on the canal, and could keep it. Egypt agreed to not interfere with Israeli shipping, through the canal or through Eilat. Egypt signed a treaty agreeing that any such interference would be a causus belli--- a declaration of war.

    In May 1967 (May 22nd?) Egypt closed the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping and blockaded Eilat. Israel appealed to the UN, USSR, UK, USA, France to do something. Meanwhile, Egypt moved its army into the Sinai, dug in, then repositioned, then brought up heavier weapons. After three weeks, Israel decided that they couldn't wait for the international community to do anything. On June 4, Israel struck.

    The Egyptian army divisions in the Sinai were headed by political/personal rivals, who weren't even on speaking terms with one another. Each was eager to see the other fail. Naturally, it was a rout.

    Those of us who are old enough to remember those days, remember Nasser's hysterical threats on the radio, while crowds of Egyptians screamed for the blood of the Yahud. After the war, Nasser punished the Jews of Egypt, by seizing their property and expelling them. He also initiated the anti-Copt agitiation, which persists to this day in Egypt. Fascism.

    Save the waa boo hoo we Arabs are Innocence and Good Will personified, for other Arabs. No one else is buying any.

  15. Well said Anonymous and to thrust the final nail into the coffin: "Does anyone know any war, that Egypt's army did ever win???" :-P

    They may be good in fingering helpless women, however, once it comes to fighting ...


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