Friday, September 30, 2011

30/9 : Restoring the revolution in Tahrir by ending the emergency law

And many Egyptians are heading back to Tahrir square once again today to restore the revolution. The protest seems to be getting bigger and bigger with the participation of many political powers and forces from left to rights.
It is noticeable at least for me that the Salafists and Islamists are participating in this million man protest. The three Islamist presidential candidates “El Awa , Abu El Fatouh and Abu Ismail” are participating powerfully. “El Awa” has suspended his campaign till things get better yet he and Al Wasat party are participating in this protest unlike any other Friday protest. Abu Ismail got podiums installed in the square. Both men are expected to say speeches.
The Muslim brotherhood is not participating but its youth are participating as usual. The group is giving SCAF time till Sunday to change the elections laws otherwise there will be another plan they did not declare. The group is somehow confident that SCAF will change the law.
Yesterday thousands of them declared that the emergency law was lifted at 12 AM last night based on the second constitutional declaration’s article no. 59. That declaration came after a statement issued by 6 presidential candidates “Abu Ismail, El Awa, Sabhi, Moussa, Abu El Fatouh, Sabhi, Bastawisi” to SCAF demanding the following :
  • Making clear that the emergency law is lifted at 12 AM on September 30,2011 based on the second constitutional declaration.
  • shortening the elections phase that the presidential elections would be 
  • Issuing the treachery law.
  • Issuing the judiciary authority law with its reforming amendments
SCAF issued message no.75 declaring that the security of the square and the protest is the responsibility of those powers participating in the protest warning from any attack against the army’s units and buildings. Of course this generated anger and fear that there will be another 9/9 clashes set up.
Hopefully there will be no clashes , already there are security checkpoints now at the square.
There are protests at Al Arbin Square in Suez , there are also rallies and protests in Alexandria.
it is worth to mention last night we were all surprised that Mustafa Bakry “ Ex-Pro-Mubarak and Pro-SCAF Journalist” showing in his show on Al Hayat TV 2 an exclusive clip for Field Marshal Tantawy at the police academy graduation 2011 where he says that he was not given orders to shoot the protesters during the revolution. This part was omitted from the speech that
Why did this clip suddenly surface like that especially in Mustafa Bakry’s  hours before that big protest in a show like Bakry !?

@12:17 PM CLT

Sheikh Mazhar Shahin is saying a powerful revolutionary Friday prayer’s speech. The prayer has not started there yet.
We are the real protectors of the revolution
Mazhar Shahin on September 30

@12:25 PM CLT

The prayer is held at Tahrir square. There will be rallies today from different mosques and churches that will head to the square from all over Cairo and Giza.

@12:31 PM CLT

Wait for more live updates.

@12:41 PM CLT

The anti- SCAF and anti Field marshal chants are on TV now , specifically on 25TV channel. 
There are calls for a sit in

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