Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/9 : The demands list

Here is the full and comprehensive demands list for the upcoming 9/9 million man protest at Tahrir square issued by the Revolution Youth coalition :

  • The immediate stop for military trials for civilians. “Already the military judiciary authority stated that the military trials for civilians will stop as soon as the emergency law is lifted !!”
  • A timeline for democratic transition and SCAF’s handing over power to democratically elected civilian government to rule the country after 6 months. “According to the information we have got the parliamentary elections will be held by the end of November 2011 !!”
  • The cancellation of the laws criminalizing strikes and sit ins. “Next week Egypt will witness a big wave of strikes and this evening the government decided to activate that law.”
  • Amending the parliamentary elections law as the current law allows the regime remnants , the tycoons and tribal connections to influence the upcoming parliament.
  • Taking the correct steps to restore order and security in the Egyptian street and to fight thuggary.
  • Setting and activating minimum and maximum limit for wages. “Minister Hazem El Babelawy said that it will be announced in early 2012 !!”
  • Setting enough laws to ban the leaders and icons of NDP from practicing politics. “The draft of treachery law was proposed but it is enough and needs amendments not to mention that there 8 parties currently made by ex-NDP members” 

This is not the first time these demands are being asked. These demands are the common as far as I have seen so far. Some political groups added to these demands couple demands like for instance like adjusting price levels, purging media and cancelling the ministry of information , purging public prosecution as well as the football federation !!!

Again there is no agreement on one name for the 9/9 million man protest yet for the record several groups have agreed to call it “ The course correction” Friday as the course is the course of the revolution.

Not less than 45 political group are going to participate in the protest. The freedom and Justice party , the affiliated party of Muslim brotherhood will not participate in the protest just like the Salafists and the Al Jamaa Al Islamiya.

There will be rallies from different areas in Cairo and Giza , whether from Imbaba or Zamalak or new Cairo . Here is an infograph from showing the rallies in Giza and Cairo.

The National association for change “NAC” has called the protest to end at 6 PM with a rally to the Judges club to support the independence of judiciary on the same day.

Now SCAF has issued today its 74th message through Facebook and it is about 9/9 , In nutshell SCAF approves

From its side April 6th Movement “whether Maher’s front or Democratic front” insisted that the movement is with the peaceful revolution since day one.

The problem is not in April 6th movement but rather with Omar Afifi and his club in the States from defected officers and God knows who. Afifi and his boys are spreading online that there are defections in the army and protesters should besiege military bases and the ministries .. blah blah blah !!

Of course Afifi from his revolution commanding center in his D.C house basement knew that some of the martyrs of the families and the families of civilians imprisoned in military jail will attack the families of army officers and kidnap their wives and children and so we should protect them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 48 hours of these rumors have taken twitter and Facebook by storm and found admirers and radical fanatics who are ready to turn it a bloody red revolution in order to feel the true revolutionary spirit glory !!!! Yes let’s be honest there are activists who think that we should give the army a lesson so they would give up the rule like the lesson they gave to the police on January 28th , I will not speak about the difference because I am so so so tired from speaking and enough the street and the time we lost because of those threats of escalation.  

I have had my suspects about Afif and officers for revolution for months and I believe more than ever now that they are playing for someone behind the scene.

I will not lie or hide my thoughts because I love my country and my people and I want the best for them.


  1. سأنزل يوم الجمعه لاني لا اري ان الامور تسير في الاتجاه الصحيح نحو الديمقراطيه و الحريه خاصه بعد تصريحات وزير الاعلام حول الاضرابات و القنوات الفضائيه لكني ضد الفوضويون الذين يروجوا لاستخدام العنف لانه لن يساعد قضيتنا و يخلق فرصه لدعايه مضاده ، سانزل لاقول اني غبر راضي

  2. Have there been any million man marches without MB? Without MB youth at least this will fail :(

  3. I will go to Tahrir because mubarak's regime is still ruling Egypt . nothing changed ,the same corruptions, the same ugly faces ,the only thing that changed is the Daylight saving time System
    again "People want to overthrow the regime"

  4. ربنا معاكوا

  5. Its simple really..

    We had a military Coup and not a we must fix it....


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