Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/9 In photos and videos

As lazy as and as I am having internet connectivity I have finished uploading all the photos and videos I took on 9/9 protest at Tahrir square.

I hope you enjoy the Ultras offensive chants."+18" after the break.

9/9 Ahly and Zamalak Ultras chants “+18”

9/9 Ahly Ultras chants “+18”

The Ahly song about police officers “The Crow” has become a hit and many people like it.

9/9 Ahly chants “+18”

I noticed that after the 9/9 there was that sudden interest of knowing more about this sub culture of Ultras and its power in Egyptian sports world.

There was a discussion last week after the protest about the extreme offensive insults to the police officers in the Ultras and whether it is acceptable in our revolution. I am against offensive insults in general and am disturbed on how some think that it is alright to insult other with dirty slurs because of freedom of expression but when it comes to police officers , I think of all the insults the police officers used to say to our people.

Yes we should be better than them , yes we should rise above all this but we are humans after all. I am not defending anyone but I understand those angry young protesters.

Yes we need to fix the relation between the police and the people but this relation will not be fixed except when the police admits the guilt it committed against the people from abuse of power.

By the way again being rude is a freedom of expression matter , you are just weak as well trying to hide this weakness behind your rudeness.

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