Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camp David Accords Anniversary : Sooner or Late it will be amended

Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of Camp David accords and that anniversary despite it has passed in silent yet it came in a very loud period
Strangely on Friday 16th while there was a small love protest in Tel Aviv in front of our embassy , our ambassador there Yasser Reda was summoned to the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs and had a 30 minutes meeting with the ministry’s general director Rafi Barak who made it clear to Reda that “Under no circumstances that peace treaty will be reopened for negotiations once again” in a direct reaction for PM Sharaf’s statement to Turkish TV.

PM Sharaf did the unthinkable for the Israeli officials and stated in Turkish TV interview last Thursday’s night that :
The peace treaty is not something sacred and there can be changes made to it  
Sharaf did not say anything wrong or untrue or unrealistic that would made the Israeli officials so pissed off. Yes the Peace treaty is not something sacred and for sure we will not change alone , there will be negotiations between Egyptian and Israeli officials including the security arrangements in Zones “B” and “C”.
The Israelis must understand the amending of the Camp David accords especially the security arrangements in Sinai are a public demand , there are new circumstances they must understand and stop pretending that nothing has changed in the region and Mubarak is still there to oppress the Egyptian people.
Speaking about the sacred texts , it is interesting to see how potential presidential candidate Amr Moussa believes now that Camp David is a historical text that should not be touched !! I remember that he had a different view from couple of weeks ago !! Anyhow it is worth to mention that most political powers with the amendments of Camp David accords and that the first one to remind us that Camp David is not sacred was Nabil El Araby , the current LAS secretary general who was the legal advisor to the Egyptian delegation during the Camp David negotiations. Already as Egyptian citizen I demand to have this man in any negotiations with Israel regarding Camp David. 
Of course after the storming of the embassy’s apartment the Israeli officials will give us a hard time “They will not apologize officially and they will not sit to the negotiations table easily” despite many indications in the incidents refer to the involvement of those currently in power “SCAF and the police” to be behind it. Up till now the Egyptian government has not officially issued its final statement about the shooting of our officers and the violations of Camp David Accords.
Now here are the photos from last Friday “Love protest” in Tel Aviv.
!! "AP"
We can work it out "AP"
Here are video clips from the protest. "In Hebrew"

Well the people want something in Israel and the Israeli government wants another thing.
By the way the longest serving former Egyptian ambassador in Israel Mr. Mohamed Bassiouny has passed away earlier today. May Allah bless your soul Mr. Bassiouny.


  1. Tough topic: security arrangements are just security arrangements. what about 242 ? wasn't it part of the agreement?

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/19/2011 10:41:00 PM

    Ha ha that does it! What arrogance! You may direct your public and personal demands to your government.

    What makes you think that demands by a people consisting of 50% illiterates and 50% emotional disturbed dimwits would matter? Israel does not care about such foolishness.

  3. No one said Camp David accords are sacred. Are they in the interest of Egypt? Of course. Only a foolish person would prefer war. Is it in the interest of Israel? Very much so. Israel is a democracy and if it is the will of the majority to go to war (I'm sure it isn't)then war it will be. Egypt is anticipating democracy and if it is the will of the majority to go to war then it will be(again I doubt it is). Nice pictures of human beings with posters. Oh sorry, I forgot we are not supposed to call them that.


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