Saturday, September 17, 2011

Egypt And Qatar : The return of hidden crisis !?

Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr was suddenly closed down by a disgusting security forces raid. The minister of information “Osama Heikal” who used to be a constant guest in the channel gives us a lame excuse everyday. First the neighbors were complaining from the noise then we found out that Al Jazeera Mubshar after operating not less 5 months in Egypt got no license !!  Today Osama Heikal claimed that Al Jazeera Mubshar entered Egypt by force and did not respect the Egyptian sovereignty !!
It is true that Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr did not get an authorization but for three months they tried to get it since day one and every time they found some employee telling them to come next week !!
Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr was pro-SCAF to the level that the Egyptian National TV in the past few weeks could not keep up with  , may be SCAF wanted to send a message based on the famous Egyptian proverb“ Hit the tamed animal , the rebel one will get scared”.
Some say that the coverage of Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr of the Giza clashes on 9/9 was reason as it was the only channel that showed the storming of the Israeli embassy’s building while other claim one of the AJ Mubshar Misr callers attacked Tantawy on air.
The minister of justice Abdel Aziz El Genndy accused of a small Gulf country of funding some NGO , El Genndy claimed that some unauthorized NGO got LE 181 Million from Qatar !! That NGO is Ansar Al Sunna El Mohamedia and according to its officials they got only LE 3 million for Eid Charity in Qatar. The officials of Sunna El Mohamedia also revealed that the Egyptian authorities were notified with that donation adding that they received donations also from Kuwait as well from “Reviving the Islamic heritage association
Rashid Mohamed Rashid was found guilty last Thursday by a court order , he is being sentenced 15 years in jail in absentia and is fined not less One billion Egyptian pound in one of the biggest fines in the history of Egypt. Rashid Mohamed Rashid is believed to be in Qatar where he became an advisor of some minister despite the official Qatari denial
Qatar’s name has been mentioned as you use in the past two weeks more than usual and this is not the Mubarak’s days.
May be I am wrong in how I look and try to connect the dots but the name of Qatar has been mentioned frequently to the level I can’t ignore. It seems that there is some sort of crisis again between Cairo and Doha.


  1. Quiet frankly political forces of Egypt should unite again and stop fighting each other. Looking all these "million-man" marches that really seem thousand strong and ends up serving SCAF's propaganda and what not, I've come to conclusion that Egypt should aim for unity government first so they can attack the SCAF and orphans of Mubarak. They pose a very tangible threat: 12000 sham military trials and constant threatening of media.

    Egypt: Unite yourself for the sake of Arab spring until it's too late!

  2. Qatar is small but very, very rich. They have close relations with Israel and they want influence.

    Now if it is true that Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr did not get an authorization - how can they just start broadcasting??? Do they consider Egypt being a banana republic?
    To shut them down is absolutely ok.

  3. Egypt is a banana republic by now, yes.
    Ruled by miltary dictators and their plutocracy.
    What else do you need as a proof? Real bananas?

  4. Egypt banana republic? Of course it is. Egypt has been, is, and will forever be a BANANA republic like the rest of the Arab states either republics, monarchies or military regimes. the first blow was made by Nasser then the last blow was applied by Mubarrak, and now we have the military in charge. Of course the sustainer of the Banana regime is Egypts military and the food for the Banana republic is stupidity, by far the larges attribute in the Middle East.


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