Saturday, September 24, 2011

Khaled Said’s Trial : It will not be the end

The Mubarak’s trial and the testimony of Tantawy are not the only big thing today in Egypt because in Alexandria the Khaled Said’s trial can come to an end and this end will mean a lot.

Today some expect that the judge will issue his historical sentence in the case that changed Egypt forever. Already in this session the second autopsy report made by forensics universities professors will be discussed.

It will not be the end because there will be appeal in both ways. It will not be end because if the sentence is in Khaled’s side , it will open a new door for the victims like him including late Siyad Belal. It will not be the end if the sentence is not in Khaled’s side

I ask God to give strength to the judge and guide to the right pass of justice after few hours. I ask God to make the judge fear of the day of judgment when he will stand in the hand of God to be asked about his own judgment in this case among other cases. I do not want the judge to issue his sentence based on the public opinion , I want him to issue his sentence based on justice.

ElBadil Newspaper reported that some close sources from the trial claimed that the second forensic report has reached to out that it was impossible for late Khaled Said to swallow the marijuana packet when he was alive and that it was inserted in his mouth after death which means there is a criminal intent in the case and not unintended murder. 

@10:52 AM CLT

The judge has decided to adjourn the case to October 22nd . The media will not be allowed in to this session !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm glad Khaled Said's case is getting a second look, no matter which way it goes. Just that one fact proves changes are already taking place in Egypt. Hopefully it will bring justice.


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