Monday, September 19, 2011

Mubarak Daughters : Who are you for real !?

That video clip or that those interviews made by Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr’s correspondent with Mubarak supporters from ladies at his trial on September 7th became a viral in Egypt.
SO the veiled lady , Sheikha Magda was crying on January 28,2011 on the Nile Bank when she saw a boat coming carrying foreigners wearing police uniform , one of them told her that they were Iranians and Palestinians who come to help the protesters “By shooting them !!”. Of course you may wonder why an Iranian saboteur would confess all this to Sheikha Magda , well because she is the Sheikha Magda !!
The last lady says that Israel is a part of the Zionist entity that Mubarak fought !! I do not know how or what this phrase means.

Now couple of friends told me that some of the ladies participating in those Pro-Mubarak rallies and protests are actually the wives and daughters of those who used to work in the presidential palace.
By the way if during the revolution Iranian , Palestinian and Lebanese agents entered our country and the Mubarak regime with its police and intelligence could not stop them then it is a weak regime that could not be trusted for one second on our country’s national security !!


  1. Funny clip. It is difficult to know whether it is candid camera or not. I hope that this sample of women is not a representative of the egyptian women :)

  2. Her statements insults whatever intelligence a cockroach possesses.


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