Saturday, September 17, 2011

Raouf Boutros Ghali To be extradited from Spain !?

This news was published yesterday in the official website of the Spanish ministry of Justice :

El Gobierno acuerda continuar el trámite de extradición del exministro de Finanzas egipcio Raouf Boutros Ghali

Which means in English : The Spanish government has agreed to continue the extradition of Egyptian minister of finance Raouf Boutros Ghali

I know about this news since yesterday but I forgot to publish it.

Is Ghali in Spain and has the Spanish government arrested him there !?  I could not check from this information yesterday but I know that the full name of Youssef Ghali is Youssef Raouf Boutros Ghali

By the infamous controversial real estate tax law of Ghali is going to be implemented as it seems after all !!

Mucho Gracias Spain , hopefully the next will be Hussein Salem.

Youssef Ghali has been accused recently of being a spy working for the Americans with the knowledge of Mubarak !!!!!!!!

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  1. Was this Raouf Boutros Ghali married to the artist Britt Boutros Ghali?


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