Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi Women Spring is not over yet

And 2011 is important in Saudi Arabia , revolutionary change has reached there in its own way. Today King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia issued a historical decree : Women are allowed to vote and run for the Shura council in the kingdom

Now the Saudi women have been granted this historical right , they still need a very basic right in order to get to the electoral committee : The Right 2 Drive.

There is no doubt that this historical decree is related to the Right 2 Drive’s campaign in a way or another. 

I am happy for this decree despite I feel the Saudi woman should have had her right to drive her own car now.

I am happy more to see how all the extremists who fought women’s rights granted by Islam are not shut up after this decree whether in Saudi Arabia or in Egypt as well.

From 14 centuries ago Arabian woman fought with Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” in wars for God sake , you know what is the meaning of fighting in a way and now she is fighting to drive her own car !!

Hopefully insh Allah she will get it very soon.


  1. I don't want to ruin your excitement or anything but The Shura members do not run for elections.. Tgere are no campains or voting.. Shura members are chosen by the King.. :)


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