Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tantawy , the man in the suit "Updated"

Field Marshal Tantawy , the head of SCAF and the minister of defense in Egypt for nearly 20 years surprised us last night with a tour Downtown Cairo in a civilian suit. Yes Tantawy was wearing a black civilian suit and walked in Kasr Al Aini street where people saluted him.
Here is a video from the Egyptian TV showing Tantawy in a civilian suit at Kasr Al Nil.
Cairo : Tantawy at Kasr Al Aini street
According to the military source Tantawy was in a private visit without his bodyguards.
Now of course this visit generated a huge reaction from the people online. Well many did not like the move as it reminded them with the moves of Mubarak when he used suddenly to appear in a mall to show how down earth he is.
What made people even more angrier is the comment of the Egyptian TV guest on that clip, the Egyptian TV showed the clip while Al Ahram journalist Gamal Zaida was commenting on how great this scene is. Zaida of course raised the bar and said the following :
Another thing about the field marshal’s , he wears a civilian suit , he can rule Egypt as a president in the upcoming period !!!
Zaida as an old hypocrite journalist from the Mubarak’s era , a small search in Google will you what kind of stuff he writes and how what he said yesterday is something expected from him.
Anyhow we should thank Mr. Zaida for his hypocrisy as he just pushed the button and made thousands of Egyptians unite again on one thing : Refusing the military rule.
I believe that the move was actually a stupid one , really stupid especially before the “End of emergency law Friday” which one of its main demands : A clear and short timeline for elections whether parliamentary or presidential to ensure a real democratic civilian transition.
Some people already have been so much provoked to the level that they decided to join the protest at Tahrir square next Friday to stand against the military rule. The electoral committee of NDP is working like fire in websites like Youm 7 or Al Ahram Arabic portal.
I will no deny that regular Egyptians do not have fear as well as expectations that someone from SCAF will rule “ either Anan or Tantawy” but they do not approve this or like because they know what it does mean to have another military rule for another 60 years as it is 25 January and not 52 January.
People have not stopped jokes since last night whether on twitter or Facebook especially on twitter where you have got hashtags like #TantawyNewLook and #BadletTantawy "Tantawy's suit". There are tons of hashtag making fun from the man and criticizing him harshly . Strangely enough Al Ahram portal published the jokes . The Facebook jokes pages are publishing these kind of photos to make fun from the tour and the suit.
SCAF fulfills its promises and hands over
the rule to Civilian authority
Mr. Tantawy swears in front Field Marshal Tantawy
Well one thing positive from this tour can be used to show the world how safe our streets in Downtown Cairo are , I mean the field marshal himself is walking in its street without allegedly bodyguards among the normal citizens at night.
Carlos Latuff did not waste any time and made a cartoon about Tantawy's suit even before travelling.
Update : 
A military source has denied that Tantawy is going to run for presidency insisting that the visit was unintentional and that Tantawy was in a family private visit there when he decided to walk with security among the people to know their complaints. 
Now there is a strong and evil conspiracy theory that says this clip was not filmed yesterday but was filmed from 2 years ago in 2009 !! According to this theory Tantawy was attending some wedding Downtown with the same suit , there are pictures from that wedding and we also got the bride or rather the ex-bride from that wedding also on twitter "she got divorced"

Interestingly enough the security had a campaign against street vendors Downtown , a strong campaign so I wonder where these street vendors appeared in the clip came !?


  1. I'm sure the next ruler of Egypt is eyeing on this Russia's Medvedev - Putin tactic. They might even get extended reign by giving Tantawy a one term and then choosing next puppet whom to blame all the problems. People has a short memory, as long as SCAF appears as the magical savior they will rule.

    Although most likely they just give power to weak nominal leaders like Sharaf. Kind of like the old-Turkey model where army can kick out the parliament or upper house out with mere hidden napkin notes.

  2. "but they do not approve this...."

    Why are you so sure of this? I get the feeling that people are shitting themselves over this poodle. This guy must have the best luck in the world because the way I see it he should be locked up like the rest of them. Egyptians unfortunately have the worst memories.

  3. Latest notch to Tantawy's extra legal status in Egypt:

    (From Mubarak trial)

    "[Victims] lawyers had complained after Tantawi's testimony on Saturday that the session started earlier than scheduled and that they had not been informed of that and were not given an opportunity to cross-examine him." -Guardian live blog

  4. What is this rubbish and lying?


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