Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unhappy Yemen : KFC Roundabout battle “ Extremely graphic +18”

Warning this post includes showing graphic material from videos and photos”
Despite Abdullah Saleh is in Saudi Arabia and despite there is a vice president currently is doing his job as the acting president of Yemen , yet it seems Saleh will not go away without a fight.
Today a horrible massacre took place when Pro-Saleh government security forces from Republican guards and National security as well the first armored division and central security forces opened its fire in Sana'a at KFC roundabout “ yes it is bit of black comedy here” , heavy armored fire against the peaceful protesters killing not less than 25 and injuring not less than 800 !! According to activists live ammunition and RBG were used !!
Here is a video from the Change square during the clashes earlier today.
Here is a video showing the protesters while they were shot by snipers over some building “following the ministry of electricity”.

Sana’a : Over rooftops again
Here is a video from the field hospital , it is being held at some building. “Graphic +18” There are not less than 10 operating rooms currently in the hospital where surgeons are trying to save the protesters

Here are terrible photos from today’s attack. "Extremely graphic"

Here is a photo gallery , terrible one from today’s attack.
If it were not for the Pro-Revolution army forces that stood against those pro-Saleh’s forces and defeated them from an hour ago , things would have been even more worse. There is a field hospital in the roundabout. trying to save the injured. The Revolution youth arrested a group of snipers from short time ago in one of the buildings at KFC roundabout.
Just a little reminder the Republican guards are headed by Saleh’s son.
You can imagine the situation in other cities , there are protests in Taaz as well in Adan in solidarity with the protesters in Sana'a.
A protest today in Aden 
Tomorrow there will be a million man protest in Taaz in solidarity with Sana'a
Provokingly enough the minister of interior in Yemen claims that today’s protests in Sana’a were not authorized !!! Well so is the use of live ammunition Mr. Minister !?
There could be a major escalation in Yemen according to Yemen Post based on Al Quds Al Arabi : Saudi Arabia will send tanks and military aid to support government against the popular revolution against ousted president Saleh. “He is ousted for me”
We know what happened last time Saudi Arabia sent tanks and forces to a neighbor country aka Bahrain.
I hope the Saudi regime understands for real what is doing and the consequences of standing against the well of its neighbors , I hope that they look to the future for real , for the long term and not for the present with its short gains. The kingdom’s support to the Syrian revolution will not make us forget it gave refugee to Ben Ali , it supported Mubarak indirectly , what happened in Bahrain and now Yemen !!
“Thanks to Bikya Misr
I will not ask and wonder where Nabil Al Araby is because even if we bring angel to the LAS , he will fail to do anything in it as long as the member countries are not willing to fix it. Also as long as Egypt does not recover fully from all these Mubarak’s regime diseases.
Back to the unhappy Yemen , there are rumors that Saleh’s gang will try to cut off electricity from the city in an attempt to create chaos.
This is not good.
Update : 
Nasser Iban Hamad , the Qatari diplomat has tweeted the following.

GCC countries and international community have moral and political obligations to force Salih and thugs out to avert civil war in YemenSun Sep 18 19:53:35 via Twitter for iPad
He also tweeted in Arabic the following :

على دول المجلس ان تحمي نفسها من بعض الصداقات الكذابه التي تحاول توريطها في مشاكل لا ناقة لدول المجلس فيها ولا حتى حاشيSun Sep 18 19:07:44 via Twitter for iPad
The council has to avoid false friendship that put it in trouble it has no interest in

ان النظام اليمني يريد توريط دول المجلس وحكوماتها في جرائمه ولكن قيادات دول مجلس التعاون اذكى من ذلك ولديها خبرة كافية بخبث عبدالله صالحSun Sep 18 18:56:40 via Twitter for iPad
The Yemeni regime wants to implicate the GCC in the crimes of its crimes but the leaders of the council are smarter than that and got enough experience from Abdullah Saleh's wickedness.
He criticized as well the stand of the GCC demanding it to take an action otherwise they will face their people.


  1. There are those who think that the actions of our government represent the people of this country (USA). At present nothing could be further from the truth. As you are slowly and painfully gaining freedom and democracy we are slowly loosing ours. There was a rude shift in policy when George W. Bush took office. He was nothing more than a puppet for extremists of his party. They will pander for the Jewish vote and donations without regard for human rights or civility. Egypt I believe became a U.S. pawn with the backing of Mubarack and an influx of massive amounts of military aid. The intent was to keep Palestine at bay. The average American when asked would consider a Palestinian state a fair and equitable thing, but for fear of the loss of American Jewish support our government still sides with Israel.
    If anything good can come of all of this it will be a better understanding of the issues of the Middle East and the nations involved. But sadly as we all know history tends to repeat itself.
    Keep an eye on Bahrain and what happens there. The U.S. is in a state of hypocrisy with their support of that dictator. They can not support the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere and avoid Bahrain.

  2. @Demeur "The average American when asked would consider a Palestinian state a fair and equitable thing" LOL

  3. @Demeur, I agree with you but I also want to add that as long as we have psychopaths like Jason and the American soldiers in this horrible video, the US government will never be fair to the Palestinian cause.I can't believe that my tax dollars go to those blood thirsty serial killers.

  4. @Hazem, concerning that video: At least two of the so-called civilians were armed with RPGs and one had an AKM or AK-47. The Reuters journalists were aware of this but chose to be in the company of those terrorists anyway. Their own damn stupidity got them killed. Wikipedia.


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